How to Drive a Vibration Motor with Arduino and Genuino

Looking to drive a DC vibration motor using an Arduino or Genuino? In this article, you’ll find simple circuitry, suggestions on using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and example code to download. Microcontrollers are used with virtually every vibration motor application. Whilst some industrial applications may Continue reading

“Are Your Vibration Motors Variable?”

Simple answer: Yes! You mean you haven’t been reading our Application Bulletins?! This is a common question that is answered, in part, within several ABs. Basically, the vibration strength of a vibrating motor is dependant upon the speed of the motor, amongst other characteristics. The speed of the Continue reading

Linear Resonant Actuator Vibration Analysis with Pulse Width Modulated Signals

Introduction We were delighted to be contacted by Nick Inoue who has been researching our C10-100 Linear Resonant Actuator for Cardiff University School of Engineering. He offered some great analysis of our LRA and was kind enough to provide us with a detailed report on his findings. The Continue reading