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Miniature motors and mechanisms for your application

We provide motor and mechanism solutions across all industries

Although the industries that we serve are remarkably different, our approach remains consistent. A motor to be used in an oil refinery gas monitor is certainly likely to be different to that for a medical instrument and yet there are significant similarities in the engineering used to deliver solutions.

Whether you need just a motor component, or a fully validated and tested complex mechanism, we’re here to help. We’ll manage your engineering risks along the way and deliver on time and to specification.

You can rely on us to protect your investment in both product and brand. 

We want to turn your complex motor problems into reliable and consistent solutions.


Precision products for your application


Cost-effective customised application solutions designed with precision, to fit the fast-paced medical industry.


Everyday consumer applications, containing a plethora of miniature motors and mechanisms.


Motors and customised mechanisms for accurate and precise test equipment and instruments.


Solutions for complex industrial applications providing a wide range of innovative functions.


Dependable motor mechanism products to keep you protected and secure


Reliable and cost-effective micro motors and mechanisms built for dependable and innovative healthcare devices.


Applications where we add value

Powerful and efficient motor mechanisms for industrial products

Industrial products and machinery are becoming more complex in design demanding a wider range of functions than ever before. Therefore requiring higher performing parts, with a reduction in size.

Here at Precision Microdrives we design and manufacture reliable and verified micro DC, Gear and Vibration Motors with a range of customisations. We offer you a wide range of choice, power and size, when designing challenging industrial applications. Longevity and ruggedness are included free of charge.

  • High power, performance and efficiency.
  • Light weight and small diameter.
  • Precision control and accuracy.


  • Emergency services equipment
  • Analysis and monitoring devices
  • Automation for automobiles
  • Robotics and artificial limbs
  • Controllers
  • Conveyor belts and tools
  • Thermal imaging cameras

Reliable and effective motor mechanisms for medical devices

Supporting you in exceptional times.

Precision Microdrives, has proven capability in designing and manufacturing electro-mechanical mechanisms for medical devices.

With demand for new innovative medical devices rapidly increasing, lower device price points will make these products widely adopted, especially with diagnostic applications which are being prioritised worldwide.

  • Reliable and extended device life.
  • Verified with industry-leading testing.
  • Highly precise and responsive.


  • Point of care machines
  • Diagnostics equipment
  • Drug dispensers
  • Therapeutic devices
  • Automated test platforms
  • Laboratory and sample preparation equipment

Accurate motors and mechanisms for instruments

Instruments require a high amount of accuracy and control. You can depend on our team of experienced engineers who have designed micro motor and drive solutions, for high-precision measuring devices and laboratory dispensary equipment.

A partnership with us will provide you with precision products and control coupled with continued support from out team of engineers.

  • High power, performance and efficiency.
  • Light weight and small diameter.
  • Precision control and accuracy.


  • Monitoring and measuring analytical devices
  • Diagnostics equipment
  • Laboratory and sample preparation equipment
  • Sensors and gauge testing
  • Bench-top dispensary equipment and syringes

Precision Microdrives motor mechanisms for consumer products

With an increasing number of consumer devices using motors or mechanisms, choose a dependable and supportive design and manufacturing partner.  

  • High power, performance and efficiency.
  • Light weight and small diameter.
  • Precision control and accuracy.


  • Touchscreens
  • Video games and controllers
  • Smart homes
  • Automotive Dashboards
  • E-bikes
  • Smart devices


Our capabilities

We can support you through the whole journey from prototype to high volume cost-effective mass production:

Experienced engineers designing for a range of applications
Engineer in our Hong Kong facility validating motors
Precision Microdrives Hong-Kong engineer using a dynameter
Precision Microdrives design engineers in our London office
Precision Microdrives employees in our Hong Kong facility
Precision Microdrives ISO 9001 certificate

Designing motors and mechanisms for a wide range of industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Our manufacturing lines are flexible. We support high volume and high value-add builds.

In house designed dynameters are used to validate every sample and production batch made.

Delivering industry leading consistency & support through your product life-cycle.

Delivering your parts, on time and to your exact specification.

ISO 9001:2015 Motor designer and manufacturer of vibration motors, DC motors, gearmotors and custom mechanisms.


We manage your risk

We manage your risk through optimised design and rigorous testing, protecting your application and intellectual property, fulfilling your performance requirements, whilst reducing your lifecycle costs.

Our customers

We’re proud to support all customers large and small. Here are a few of our customers that we have designed and manufactured motors and mechanisms for.

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