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Precision Microdrives is a trusted international manufacturer of reliable and cost effective custom-made motors and mechanisms

Whether you need a motor component or a complex mechanism, our engineers will quickly design a solution for your application. We use our proven technology to solve your motor problems, reducing costs and managing your risk through optimised design. 

We improve your product’s performance through our dedication to manufacturing quality, using rigorous testing and technical diligence to meet your specification on time and to spec. Our team of engineers (experts in micro motors and mechanisms) will guide you through the whole process from verified prototype, through engineering, design and production validation, on the way to mass production. 

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Precision Microdrives engineer using a digital desktop multimeter to test a motor


We want to engineer the world into a better place

Motor technology is complicated and not properly covered by electronic or mechanical engineering studies. It’s easy to buy a motor, but hard to make it work consistently in end products and applications.

We were founded in 2004 to make sourcing of quality electro-mechanical mechanisms in Asia easier and more reliable for customers with demanding applications. Now, Precision Microdrives is an experienced motor and mechanism designer and manufacturer that customers can trust. 

Our business is built on the strong desire to help guide like-minded organisations through the often complicated process of integrating a miniature motor or mechanism, into their application. 


We want to turn your complex motor problems into reliable and consistent solutions

  • We know how to design miniature motors and mechanisms.
  • We know how to get motors and mechanisms to work as expected in a huge range of applications.
  • We know how to source sub-components cost effectively in Asia.
  • We know how consistently build, test and validate complex assemblies in our Hong Kong factory.

It turned out to be the hard path to become experts in these fields, but we achieved it, and now we can help you avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes that either we made, or observed.

We can deliver motors and mechanisms more efficiently than you can. We can enable you to focus on building the most value and revenue potential into your own application.

Precision Microdrives Engineer validating a motor using a dynameter


Our core values


Design is at the heart of what we do at Precision Microdrives.

Understanding application requirements and developing solutions with consistency, quality and efficiency.

Technical expertise

We have built the knowledge, processes, experience, and infrastructure to overcome the daily challenges that come with designing and manufacturing miniature motors.

We take responsibility for our solutions.

Quality control

Our dedication to quality consistency, focus on improved performance, and continued commitment to investing in advanced testing technology means that our products are validated and reliable.

Precision processes

We are proud to say we are an ISO 9001 trusted designer and manufacturer.

Detailed planning, lifecycle management and statistical controls allow us to support clients to develop, test, validate and manufacture much faster than they could on their own.


Our company culture is built around fostering long-term partnerships, engendering trust and mutual success.

We strive to have honest, open communication and our vision is to demystify the technology around motors. We don’t just provide a solution and walk away. You will receive our continued support.

Managing your risk

We use our proven technology to solve your motor problems, reducing costs and managing your risk through optimised design. 

Our team of engineering experts guide you through the whole process from concept to verified prototype, assembly to mass production. 


Two centres of technical excellence

Hong Kong team

Our team of engineers in Hong Kong will design, manufacture in house, test, calibrate and serialise.

  • Production-line engineering
  • Engineering (EVT), design (DVT), and production (PVT), validation testing
  • Design for manufacture
  • Quality control management
  • Sample production & high value-add production
  • BOM management and component specification engineering
Precision Microdrives Hong Kong production team

London team

Our team of engineers in the UK will advise, design, support and manage

  • Research and development
  • Product design
  • Application engineering analysis
  • Sales and marketing
PMD sales engineers in London


Our capabilities

We can support you through the whole journey from prototype to high volume cost-effective mass production:

Engineer in our Hong Kong facility validating motors

Designing motors and mechanisms for a wide range of industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Our manufacturing lines are flexible. We support high volume and high value-add builds.

In house designed dynameters are used to validate every sample and production batch made.

Delivering industry leading consistency & support through your product life-cycle.

Delivering your parts, on time and to your exact specification.

ISO 9001:2015 Motor designer and manufacturer of vibration motors, DC motors, gearmotors and custom mechanisms.


We manage your risk

We use our proven technology to solve your motor problems, reducing costs and managing your risk through optimised design. 

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Whether you need a motor component, or a fully validated and tested complex mechanism – we’re here to help. Find out more about our company. 

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