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Cost-effective and reliable motors and mechanisms that can withstand a few knocks

It’s clear that many consumer devices have to interact with the real world and for that they need a motor or a mechanism. Designing for consumer applications is a bit of an art because there are many competing constraints. The cost is often the most important objective to consider but the ease of manufacture, which enables fast ramp-ups if the product ‘takes off’, is also a key component.

Reliability cannot be compromised and we have to assume that all consumers will drop their shiny new product at least several times during its lifetime. Repairability and recyclability are also important to plan for.

As a team, we have designed and engineered a lot of consumer products since we began in 2004. We understand the ‘shadow’ that an initial design will cast on the whole project and how hard we have to work to trim the bill of materials to only a handful of highly integrated and critical components.

If you’re working on a consumer application with a motor, get in touch with our team today. We’ll assess very quickly where we can add value share some helpful advice.

Motor catalogue

Reliable, cost-effective miniature mechanisms and motors that meet your application demands.

Our catalogue features an overview of the motors we can sample with full specifications and datasheets.  


We add value to your consumer application through

Custom assemblies

Longevity testing

Mechanism design

Engineering confidence

In-house production

Full testing validation


Where we add value

We are experts in the four engineering disciplines that are found in every consumer device, that uses electric motors and mechanisms.

We have proven building blocks and application solutions, that can be adapted to save you development time.



Precision products for video games

Video games and controllers

Smart homes

The inside of a modern car highlighting all the points where the automation can happen

Automotive dashboards

A cyclist stood on a mountain ridge with an e-bike.


A left wrist wearing a smartwatch and a right hand holding a smartphone. Both devices are displaying the same graphs.

Smart devices


Precision Microdrives products for consumer devices

Our motors and mechanisms are built into a wide range of different consumer applications. Here are a few examples:


Our capabilities

We can support you through the whole journey from prototype to high volume cost-effective mass production:

Experienced engineers designing for a range of applications
Engineer in our Hong Kong facility validating motors
Precision Microdrives Hong-Kong engineer using a dynameter
Precision Microdrives design engineers in our London office
Precision Microdrives employees in our Hong Kong facility

Designing motors and mechanisms for a wide range of industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Our manufacturing lines are flexible. We support high volume and high value-add builds.

In house designed dynameters are used to validate every sample and production batch made.

Delivering industry leading consistency & support through your product life-cycle.

Delivering your parts, on time and to your exact specification.

ISO 9001:2015 Motor designer and manufacturer of vibration motors, DC motors, gearmotors and custom mechanisms.


We manage your risk

We manage your risk through optimised design and rigorous testing, protecting your application and intellectual property, fulfilling your performance requirements whilst reducing your lifecycle costs.

Our customers

We’re proud to support all customers large and small. Here are a few of our customers that we have designed and manufactured motors and mechanisms for.

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Whether you need a motor component, or a fully validated and tested complex mechanism – we’re here to help. Find out more about our company.