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Medical Applications

DC Gear Motors

Precision Microdrives’ DC Gear Motors are professionally designed for use in critical medical applications, whether they are intended for surgical, clinical or laboratory settings. These geared motors are used to give applications greater accuracy and control for medical professionals, such as a robotic surgical arm, joysticks to manoeuvre a delicate tool or an instrument with precision.

DC Gear Motors are small geared motors which can also be used in small fluid pumps, rotating trays in sterilisers and other automated laboratory functions. For all medical applications, Precision Microdrives DC gearmotors offer not only the variable speed and torque control required in healthcare settings, but they also possess high-quality characteristics, such as reliability, ruggedness and compactness.

Precision Microdrives has engineered a range of planetary and spur gearmotors (also known as mini geared motors or micro geared motors) suitable for healthcare applications.

The main characteristics of these gear motors are their miniature form factors, which also offer significant levels of strength and precision that many medical applications require.

Their linear performance characteristics make them suitable for many applications requiring extra control for the user. Precision Microdrives also provide high-quality datasheets and offer technical support for developing the next innovations in medical and surgical products. For example, Precision Microdrives Nano Planetary™ gearmotors use high-end injection moulded composite planetary (epicyclic) gearboxes, with a coreless design using Neodymium rare earth magnets, which are ideally suited for high-quality medical instruments.

Precision Microdrives provide an extensive range of DC Gear Motors such as Nano Planatery™ and Micro Spur™ gearmotors (both mini gear motor and micro gear motor), with detailed technical information, to help medical and healthcare customers develop more complete, stringent quality-controlled, cost-effective and competitive solutions.

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