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Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit Overview and Features

  • 3 October 2015
    • The Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit
We're pleased to be in a position to release more information about the upcoming new Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit (announcement here). In the link below you can find a PDF that helps outline some of the kit's key features. You can download and save a copy to forward to colleagues, with two simple pages it's a great resource for quickly explaining the kit to others, even non-technical managers or workmates. Please note that currently all resources at precisionmicrodrives.com/haptic-kit are…

Vibration and Gear Motor Customisation Update

  • 15 September 2015
    • Example customisations of a vibration motor
As our testing machines and capabilities have grown over the years, we've been able to offer more and more complicated customisations to our customers. So to help handle some of these enquiries and manage expectations, we've put together some content that answers many of the questions we receive. In particular, we wanted to show what customisations were possible and how complex they might be. Whilst some are fairly straight forward, some aren't as obvious as you would think -…

Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit Rev2 Announced

  • 2 September 2015
    • Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit Rev2
Since our Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit was released in early 2014 we've seen a number of companies use it in their full development cycle. It not only helps introduce haptic feedback to those who are not familiar with the technology, which can be great for getting buy-in from management or non-technical colleagues, but it can also be used as a platform to jump-start development of a device. Ultimately, the best compliment we've received is the great feedback from a…

Using Haptic Drivers as Battery Level Monitors

  • 19 August 2015
    • Component count can be extremely important for wearable devices
Reducing power consumption is one of the most important aspects of designing a device that is powered by batteries. This means there is a great incentive to keep the component count to an absolute minimum, especially active components which draw small amounts of current even when in 'sleep' mode. One of the most common ways to achieve this is to use chips that combine multiple functions, the term SoC or 'System on Chip' is often used. This works particularly…

DC Motor Speed: Voltage and Torque Relationships

  • 3 August 2015
    • Typical DC Motor / DC Gearmotor Performance Characteristics (The 108-104 DC Motor)
Something we have discussed in the past is how varying the voltage to a vibration motor can change the amplitude, particularly with reference to haptic feedback and playing different effects. However, something we haven’t explicitly shown is why this happens, or discussed it in the context of a normal DC motor. So in this short article, we will demonstrate how an increased voltage will increase the speed and an increased load will decrease the speed of a motor. It…

C10-000 Released : 205 Hz 10mm LRA

  • 31 August 2015
    • C10-000 is 205 Hz Resonant Frequency, 1.4 G
The new C10-000 serves as a higher frequency alternative 10mm linear resonant actuator to the extremely popular Precision Microdrives C10-100. They are similar models, but the C10-000 has some…

908-100 Released : New 8mm Brushless Vibration Motor

  • 11 August 2015
    • 908-100 8mm Brushless Vibration Motor
At Precision Microdrives we recently added the 908-100 brushless vibration motor, part of the Dura Vibe™ range, to our online product catalogue. At only 8mm this is our smallest…

C08-001 Released New 8mm LRA Available

  • 30 July 2015
    • The 8mm LRA C08-001
At Precision Microdrives we are excited to announce our smallest linear resonant actuator to date, the C08-001. This LRA is only 8mm in diameter and just 3.2mm in height,…
  • 308-103 High Amplitude ERM Vibrating Motor
  • Product Release :: 308-103
  • New high amplitude eccentric rotating mass vibrating motor. Strongest sub-12mm vibration motor available!