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AB-024 Released : Introductory Gear Equations

  • 18 September 2014
    • A gear of 60 teeth attached to a 16 teeth gear reduces the speed by 3.75
Our latest application bulletin is slightly less challenging than some recent releases, but tackles a topic which generates a lot of support requests - how to calculate speed and torque in gear chains. We carry a wide range of gearmotors, but there are obviously instances where creating your own custom gearing is required. Perhaps you already have a DC motor, or can’t find a gearmotor that exactly meets your specification. This application bulletin provides you with the necessary equations…

Rugged Piezoelectric Passcode Haptic Example

  • 26 August 2014
    • A Piezoelectric Sensor
We've written a new example application for the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit. Piezoelectric sensors can be used for a variety of applications, but we chose to look at using them for touch buttons. They're great because they don't get damaged as easily as normal contact switches (such as from moisture or dust), but they lack the tactile response of a physical button. So we used our Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit to develop a simple passcode system. Using 3 piezo…

Harvard's Kilobots Driven Using Vibration Motors

  • 18 August 2014
    • Harvard SEAS' "Kilobot"
The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University have created an amazing group of autonomous robots called ‘Kilobots’. The key detail is the robots are able to work together and arrange themselves into complex structures. To position themselves, the robots use two coin vibration motors with an impressive degree of accuracy! Whilst the Kilobots have been in development for some time, SEAS as released a new video showing 1024 of them making different shapes: The locomotion looks…

Motor Current Limiting with USB Power IC

  • 16 July 2014
    • Connecting a USB current power IC to a motor
This blog post outlines DC motor current limiting using a USB power switch IC. USB current switches are readily available and low cost. DC motors draw most current when in a steady state stall condition, as there is no back EMF or inductance effect to limit current flow. In this situation, the high current draw can waste energy (a concern for portable devices) or overheat and damage the part. For other techniques of limiting current, see our "5 Methods…

AB-023 Released : Motor Driver Resource

  • 9 July 2014
    • M10-400 BLDC Evaluation Board
With our experience in testing all of our different types of motors, we’ve naturally used a range of different drivers to power the motors. It’s also a fairly frequent customer enquiry, we often field design questions including driving techniques. So we’ve collected together a list of different driver chips that we have used ourselves or would recommend. The list covers: Transistors H-bridges Vibration Motor Drivers Haptic Feedback Chips Brushless Motor Drivers Use it to help narrow your search and…

308-103 Released - High Vibration Amplitude ERM

  • 13 November 2012
    • 308-103 High Amplitude ERM Vibrating Motor
Here at Precision Microdrives we have released a new high amplitude eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, the 308-103. Built from a high torque 3 V DC motor, the 308-103…

High Vibration Long-Life Brushless Vibration Motor : 912-101 Released

  • 16 July 2012
    • 912-101 Brushless Vibrating Motor
We have released a new brushless vibration motor, our first in a cylindrical form factor. Brushless vibration motors have a significantly improved lifetime over the commonplace ‘brushed’ vibration motor…

Our First Horizontal Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) for Haptic Feedback : C13-000

  • 23 April 2012
    • C13-000 Linear Resonant Actuator
Update: Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer the C13-000 horiztonal LRA, please use the contact form below to enquire about a suitable replacement. Our latest Linear Resonant…
  • 308-103 ERM Vibrating Motor Ad
  • Product Release :: 308-103
  • New high amplitude eccentric rotating mass vibrating motor. Strongest sub-12mm vibration motor available!