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Quick LRA Debugging

  • 4 May 2015
    • Using an audio wave to drive an LRA
Email Subscribers: You may wish to view this post online to see all images and access the files (in a zip)! Intro Linear resonant actuators are more difficult than their DC motor based ERM counterparts. They should be driven with an AC signal at their resonant frequency, which is one of the reasons we recommend using a dedicated driver. However, adding in drivers can quickly make a system quite complicated - especially if using I2C to communicate. This introduces…

Soundbrenner Pulse Using Wireless Haptic Feedback

  • 10 April 2015
    • Soundbrenner Pulse
We don’t normally share news about crowdfunded projects - but the new device ‘Soundbrenner Pulse’ from German start-up Soundbrenner has caught our eye for a few reasons. Anyone who has learnt to play an instrument under tuition will have encountered metronomes at one point or another. For those who are unfamiliar, they are small devices that are designed to help players maintain a steady rhythm, normally by producing an audible click every beat. Some electric ones have even used…

AB-029 Released : Vibration Motors - Voltage vs Frequency vs Amplitude

  • 27 March 2015
    • Results from our haptic feedback testing
Our latest Application Bulletin attempts to draw together some of our existing content and puts a much more practical emphasis on how the voltage directly affects the vibration amplitude and frequency of ERM motors. Regular readers and email subscribers may be familiar with all of the concepts, but hopefully we've been able to help clarify some aspects of the relationships. It will also provide as an excellent 'go-to' reference when discussing the topic with colleagues, particularly is they're not…

AB-026 Updated - One last method for sensorless speed stabilisation

  • 16 March 2015
    • Motor speed control using back EMF in switching mode analogue circuit
AB-026 has been updated to include one further method for stabilising DC motor speed, with out the use of external sensors. This final method uses a 'Sample and Hold' circuit to store the value of the motor's back EMF - which is proportional to the motor speed. Comparing this value with the desired speed (set with potentionmeters) we are able to adjust the PWM duty cycle to form a control loop. Although this method is not suitable for motors…

Arduino IDE 1.6.0 Updated Code for Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit

  • 25 February 2015
    • Arduino 1.6.0 PROGMEM Errors
Attention users of the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit! Recently Arduino released the latest version of their IDE, version 1.6.0, which has several changes that affect the Modes of Operation that we provide. Specifically, the Arduino IDE is now in-line with the newer AVR GCC. The compiler (GCC) for the microcontroller in the Arduino UNO R3 (AVR based microcontrollers) handles PROGMEM statements differently, you can see the errors in the image below. The full Arduino release notes can be read…

304-016 Released : Ultra low current, low voltage vibration motor

  • 13 May 2015
    • 304-016 Low Current PCB Mounted Vibration Motor
Introducing our new lowest current vibration motor, the 304-016 Pico Vibe™. At only 17 mA Typical Rated Operating Current and 1.5V the 304-016 is ideal for lightweight, battery powered…

304-116 Released : 4mm encapsulated vibration motor

  • 21 April 2015
    • 304-116, 4mm encapsulated vibrating motor
The new 304-116 is our smallest encapsulated vibration motor to date, a 4mm vibration motor encased in a 5mm plastic housing with distinctive red colouring and a specially designed…

304-111 Released : Low current leaded, PCB mounted vibration motor

  • 9 April 2015
The new Precision Microdrives 304-111 is a PCB mounted vibration motor that with a very little current with a Typical Normalised Amplitude of 1 G. A key feature of…
  • 308-103 High Amplitude ERM Vibrating Motor
  • Product Release :: 308-103
  • New high amplitude eccentric rotating mass vibrating motor. Strongest sub-12mm vibration motor available!