Services & Capabilties

Services & Capabilties

Precision Value-Add Motor Manufacturing

Precision Value-Add Motor Manufacturing

Precision Microdrives is an ISO 9001:2015 trusted designer and manufacturer of miniature, cost-effective, and well-engineered motors and motor mechanisms.

We offer:

  • Full cycle turn-key EMS design and manufacturing services with a specialism in miniature motors and electro-mechanical mechanisms
  • The ability to:
    • Design-in motors and mechanisms into new products,
    • Replace existing & legacy US and EU manufactured motors with alternative drive solutions or technologies, frequently saving customers significant costs in the process.
Industry Leading Testing Infrastructure

Industry Leading Testing Infrastructure

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The Benefits Of Working With Precision Microdrives

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Motors and mechanisms are an integral part of many products. They are challenging to design, manufacture, and test, and working with an industry expert is a big help.

To achieve the best pricing, manufacturing has to be undertaken in South-East Asia. This complicates the picture further, and experience, know-how and local infrastructure is needed to bridge the language, culture and process gaps.

By working with Precision Microdrives you can:

  • Outsource your motor and mechanism manufacturing to an industry trusted expert,
  • Reduce costs, through:
    • Manufacture optimised design
    • Consistent quality control
    • Access a lower cost sub-supplier ecosystem
  • Reduce production stress by giving the task to a supplier who can:
    • Communicate in your language and culture,
    • Understand your application and clearly validate the proposed product/solution suitability,
    • Be trusted to put your best interests first,
    • Deliver your order on-time and to-spec
  • Focus on delivering added value to your customers and staying ahead of your competition.
We Speak Your Language

We Speak Your Language

We have designed our services to make partnering with us as simple as possible. It all starts on a conversation with one of our sales engineers.

The Precision Microdrives Advantage

Put simply, Precision Microdrives' motors and mechanisms work better in application than any other cost-effective supplier.

We ensure this by excelling in four key service areas, which together make a huge difference to the product delivered to your production line.

Trusted Precision Motor Design

Motor & Mechanism High Value Design

Motor & Mechanism High-Value Design

The design clearly influences a products in-application performance. However, the design phase also casts the largest shadow of the whole design/manufacturing/delivery process. Choices made here will have a massive effect on application performance, manufacturing efficiency, quality consistency, supply security, and of course cost.

At Precision Microdrives we have specialist application design teams in London (UK), and experienced production design teams in Hong Kong, for the design-for-manufacture phase.

Learn more about our motor and mechanism design capabilities here.

Flexible Motor & Mechanism Manufacturing

Flexible High Value Motor Manufacturing

Flexible High-Value Motor Manufacturing

Manufacturing motors and mechanisms is a tricky business. It’s a mix of electronic and mechanical engineering disciplines, a mix of design and production experience, and requires a commitment to process, detailed planning and strict controls.

Infrastructure and sub-component relationships are equally important, and at Precision Microdrives we are unique in operating production lines in Hong Kong, right next door to our production engineering department. We use these lines to manufacture high-value assemblies, and trial / prepare for mass production.

Find out more about how our flexible motor manufacturing EMS service can help your business.

Dependable Quality Control & After-sales Support

QA Support - Engineering Investigations

QA Support - Engineering Investigations

Without reliable quality controls, any manufacturing will be a disaster. The metric for manufacturing success in the engineering industry is consistent conformity to the agreed or published specification.

At Precision Microdrives, quality controls get introduced at the product design stage and grow into a series of control plans and statistical process controls, by the time the product reaches production.

We back our quality consistency standards with industry-leading after-sales support. We look out for your needs by helping with production planning, part lifecycle management, and engineering investigations.

Learn more about why our motor quality controls are better than our competitors here.

Industry Leading Motor Testing & Validation Infrastructure

Industry Leading Motor Testing Infrastructure

Industry Leading Motor Testing Infrastructure

To be able to validate motor designs, and apply production quality controls, you need a reliable motor and mechanism testing infrastructure. The problem is that you can’t buy motor dynamometers or vibration longevity testing machines off the shelf. In fact, you can’t buy them at all, which means you have to design and manufacture them from scratch.

Our motor testing department has been designing and building industry-leading testing machines for over 10 years now. We operate computer controlled and centrally data-logged testing equipment that uses the latest motor dynamic loading technology.

We can use these machines to simulate our motor designs in your application, thereby proving that they will work. We can also use these machines in the manufacturing process to further increase the confidence that our products will work as expected, every time.

Take a tour of our motor and mechanism testing infrastructure and capabilities here.

Why Customers Choose Precision Microdrives

Most customers approach us from one of three perspectives.

Precision Motor Engineering Services

Precision Motor Engineering Services

  1. It’s common for a customer to have tried to manufacture a motor or mechanism in South-East Asia and fail to achieve consistency in the final mass-produced product. Sometimes this can cause huge collateral damage to previously respected brands. They choose Precision Microdrives as a trusted partner to deliver parts consistently on-time and to-spec.
  2. Other customers are developing a new product that needs a cost-effective miniature motor or mechanism, and have no experience in the domain. The learning curve is steep and there is a huge opportunity cost to doing-it-yourself. These customers focus on their value-add, whilst we support them with our value-add.
  3. The largest proportion of new customers come with a desire to cost-down an existing motor or mechanism. Almost every day we meet customers paying too much for beautifully engineered but over-designed motors and mechanisms. It’s a waste of resource, but often these situations come from legacy designs, crafted at a time when Precision Microdrives didn’t exist. The customer trigger might be purely a financial one but is more commonly wrapped up as part of a product redesign or refresh.
    Whatever your motivation, we can help simplify your problem.

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