Brushless / DC motors and mechanisms

Designed and manufactured for your application

Precision Microdrives is a trusted international Brushless and DC motor specialist

Whether you need a miniature brushless or DC motor component, or a complex pre-assembled mechanism, our engineers put your application at the heart of every design.

We use our proven technology and processes to solve your motor and mechanism problems, reducing your costs, taking you from prototype to mass production.

We deliver a turnkey service to manage your motor and mechanism engineering risks delivering on time and to spec.


How can we help?

Custom assemblies

Longevity testing

Mechanism design

Engineering confidence

In-house production

Full testing validation


Where we add value


Motor and mechanism design for your application

Design is at the heart of what we do at Precision Microdrives.

We design to your specifications based on your exact application requirements with consistency, quality and efficiency.

We understand the technical and manufacturing challenges motors present and enjoy providing solutions. Through our design we reduce costs and engineering risk, leading to innovative solutions delivered on time and to spec.

Motor and mechanism design for your application
Innovative technology at Precision Microdrives


Technical expertise to manage your risk

It’s our motor engineering expertise combined with our commitment to technical diligence, that makes Precision Microdrives a design and manufacturing partner that you can trust.

We offer you the know-how, processes, experience and infrastructure to allow us to overcome the technical challenges that come with designing and manufacturing durable miniature motors and mechanisms.

Let us add value to your next project.


Precision processes

We are proud to say we are a BSI ISO 9001 trusted designer and manufacturer of motors and mechanisms.

Therefore it is unsurprising that our business holds a dedication to controlling quality so that we can deliver consistently manufactured motors and mechanisms from one batch to the next.

It helps that among our engineering teams there is a common fascination in dynamic metrology and motor dynamometer techniques, but the real heroes are the quality control engineers and the mature quality processes that they operate.

Precision Processes at Precision Microdrives
Experienced engineers designing for a range of applications


Precision Microdrives partnership

Our company culture is built around fostering long-term partnerships building trust and confidence. We strive to have honest, open communication and our vision is to add as much value as we can during the partnership.

Our international, multi-lingual team combines technical expertise with exceptional customer service and will often deal with you in your native language and time zone. This will ensure there are no cultural misunderstandings. We don’t just provide a solution and walk away. You will receive our continued support throughout the whole project lifecycle.


Industries we serve

Designing mechanisms for a wide range of medical, industrial and consumer applications.

Our customers

We’re proud to support all customers large and small. Here are a few of our customers that we have designed and manufactured motors and mechanisms for.


Our capabilities

We can support you through the whole journey from prototype to high volume cost-effective mass production:

Motor and Mechanism Design at Precision Microdrvies
Engineer in our Hong Kong facility validating motors
Precision Microdrives Hong-Kong engineer using a dynameter
Precision Microdrives design engineers in our London office
Precision Microdrives employees in our Hong Kong facility

Designing motors and mechanisms for a wide range of industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Our manufacturing lines are flexible. We support high volume and high value-add builds.

In house designed dynameters are used to validate every sample and production batch made.

Delivering industry leading consistency & support through your product life-cycle.

Delivering your parts, on time and to your exact specification.

ISO 9001:2015 Motor designer and manufacturer of vibration motors, DC motors, gearmotors and custom mechanisms.

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