The DC Gearmotor, consisting of a DC electric motor and a gearbox, is at the heart of several electrical and electronic applications. Precision Microdrives have been designing and developing such high-quality mini DC gearmotors in an easy-to-mount package for a range of products and equipment. Our miniature gear motor works smoothly and efficiently, supporting these electrical and electronic applications. These geared motors have reduction gear trains capable of providing high torque at relatively low shaft speed or revolutions per minute (RPM).  Precision Microdrives DC geared motors reduce the complexity and cost of designing and constructing applications such as industrial equipment, actuators, medical tools, and robotics.

Precision Microdrives has engineered a range of planetary and spur gearmotors (also known as mini-geared motors and micro-geared motors) suitable for many future and existing applications. The main characteristics of these gearmotors are miniature form factors, offering significant strength, torque, and other technical capabilities that these applications require. Their linear performance characteristics make them suitable for many applications requiring a controlled performance.

Whether you are looking for automotivemedical, or domestic applications, DC Gearmotors from Precision Microdrives not only offer the variable speed and torque control required in each of these applications. They also possess quality characteristics of reliability, ruggedness, and compactness. The operations performed by Precision Microdrives geared motors appear simple and effortless. However, they are highly sophisticated devices, and some units are encapsulated in housings to prevent exposure to moisture and dust. Precision Microdrives is the leading supplier of sub-Ø60 mm DC Gearmotors in the industry.

Precision Microdrives Gear Motor Ranges

Our DC geared motor products are split into 3 ranges, one planetary range and two spur - which are also split by size with ~12mm diameter motors in the Micro Spur™ range and larger, high torque spur gear motors in the Miniature Spur™ range.

The Nano Planetary™ range includes the world's smallest range of reduction gear motors for portable and miniaturised equipment. Micro Spur™ motors are precision metal spur-geared DC motors for small loads with a wide range of configurations, whilst Miniature Spur™ gearmotors are our largest DC reduction gear motors for larger loads, based on heavy-duty spur gearboxes.

Nano Planetary Motor

Miniature DC gearmotors are some of our most easily customised motors and at Precision Microdrives we also offer additional design and integration services. This includes customisations to the motor itself, such as target torque/speed ratios and customised connectors, external drive circuitry and motor control electronics, and specialised mechanisms to attach to motor shafts. You can read more about our capabilities here or contact our engineering team here.

We Stock Both Planetary And Spur Gear Motors With Unique Attributes

In order to aid integration, 12 mm spur gearmotors offer many variations depending upon design considerations. Many of these customisations are available for our planetary gearmotors too, so what are the differences between spur and planetary gearheads? And which is right for your application?

Customisation of 212 Gearmotors Spur vs Planetary Gear Types

Proportional-Integrative-Derivative controllers (or PID controllers for short) may sound complicated, but our guide shows how they use positional feedback to aid the accuracy movement and shaft positioning. We also cover an interesting selection of tiny gear motors for small and space constrained applications.

Gearmotors Under 12mm Diameter

Our Gearmotors Are Used In A Number Of Different Applications

DC Gear motors from Precision Microdrives are designer-friendly, with multiple options available for any application. We are helping our clients with unrivalled application support and on-hand technical expertise to develop stringent quality-controlled, cost-effective and competitive solutions in their niche. We also provide continually updated data sheets, web-based help features and technical bulletins to help clients looking for solutions in their niche. We carry the widest range in stock and are capable of delivering in order quantities of any size (1+).

Because of their high torque and compact size, miniature DC gearmotors are used in a variety of medical devices, often performing key functions. For similar reasons, they are also popular in cars and automobiles, which are becoming increasingly automated as previously high-end features become available in entry-level vehicles.

Medical Equipment Applications Automotive Applications

Drive mechanisms such as mixers and production lines require medium/high torques and high operating lifetimes. Alternatively, gear motors are used to open and close objects, or slowly move position. Industrial machines and consumer applications can benefit from slow-moving gearmotors.

Industrial and Consumer Actuators Power and Drive Applications

Typically low load, high ratio gear motors are used to slowly change the position of machine components - where additional motor control electronics can improve the accuracy and functionality of positioning actuators.


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