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Chest percussive therapy device

  • Portable home use Chest Percussive Therapy (CPT) device, for treating chronic respiratory conditions.
  • Brushless motor needed due to the product life-time requirements.
  • 16 robust vibration motors per device, mounted in individual enclosures.
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  • Our customer was seeking help with re-designing the mounts and electronics for their chest percussive therapy vest, along with sourcing a stronger motor to maximise the vibration transmitted to a patient’s torso during treatment.
  • The vest needed to be able to provide pulse therapy as well as continual vibrations, as a patient can need both types of treatment.
  • This device was going to be battery powered, and could be used at full power for up to 30 minutes at a time, three times a day. This meant they were looking for low energy drain on the battery.


  • We reviewed their specification and were able to offer a selection of vibration motors that matched their amplitude and frequency requirements. They tested samples of these different motors.
  • We discussed with them the option of using a brushless vibration motor, as it offers a high amplitude and extended longevity, so this could be better for the pulse setting they wanted.
  • Though further discussions, we discovered we could offer a considerable cost down, by supplying the motors and the drivers.


  • The samples passed all the customers internal tests, including strength and longevity.
  • The vest protype is going through clinical trials, ahead of recieving its FDA approval.
  • The relationship is ongoing, as we are continuing to support them with getting their product to market.

Project scope

Portable high-frequency chest percussive therapy (CPT) vest, designed to allow movement around the home during treatment.

Our customer designed a battery operated chest percussive therapy (CPT) or high-frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) device to support patients with a range of respiratory conditions, to clear their airways at home. It is designed to replicate the physiotherapy the user would receive from a medical professional but enables the patient to administer the treatment themselves and in the comfort of their own homes.

The vest has 16 motors, each mounted in its own enclosure and divided into eight treatment zones that can all be operated individually to provide therapy in specific areas. The motors can be sent to either provide continuous vibration or to pulse, depending on the treatment required/needed.

The customer had bought some of our motors to test through a design agency, but was unaware of the level of service or customisation we could provide. They reached out to us as they wanted to see if we could recommend a more suitable motor for their device.

HFCWO vest
A group of HFCWO devices


Designing for application

  • Our customer needed a very strong and durable vibration motor, with at least 60G amplitude.
  • The motor needed to be powerful enough, to clear any mucus congestion from a patients airways.
  • They had limited amount of space so the motors needed to be small, although they were open to re-designing the motor housing if necessary.


Manufacturing and testing

  • Our customer had a clear idea on the strength of motor they needed to have but they lacked the technical knowledge to know what type of motor they should be using.
  • Our experienced team worked with their designers, to trial several motors to discover which one would be the most suitable.


Results and relationship

  • Our customer was expecting the long-life brushless motor solution we decided on to be expensive, but we were able to design a suitable motor that was lower in cost, but with the high amplitude motor we needed.
  • The vest is still going through its clinical trials ahead of gaining its FDA class II approval, and we are continuing to support and work with our customer as their primary supplier.


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