World Class Motor Testing and Validation Infrastructure

World Class Motor Testing and Validation Infrastructure

Precision Microdrives is an ISO 9001:2015 trusted designer and manufacturer of miniature, cost-effective, and well-engineered motors and motor mechanisms.

The Benefits Of Working With Precision Microdrives

We Develop Our Own Testing Equipment

We Develop Our Own Testing Equipment

There is no debate in engineering circles that product validation and testing underpin the design cycle, manufacturing, and quality control. For miniature motors and mechanisms, testing is an extremely important metric for how the 20 to 100 sub-components of a manufactured end product are working together.

To achieve our goal of being the most trusted manufacture of cost-effective motor mechanisms, we have had to spend nearly 15 years developing our own unique motor testing equipment. By choosing us as your motor or mechanism supplier you can:

  • Have the confidence that the products selected are validated and tested using conditions that are expected in the final application
  • Receive testing data (where appropriate) that can be used to meet regulatory requirements
  • Have peace of mind that all our products are 100% line tested, with additional detailed performance testing under ISO 2859 AQL standards,
  • Focus on supporting adding value to your customer.

Designing, manufacturing, testing and checking motors and mechanisms is not an easy task and requires specialist skills. It’s cheaper to outsource it to a specialist, and we are the most capable and easiest to work within the industry. Why not get in touch and put us to the test.

The Challenges of Motor Testing

High Speed Low Torque Dynamometers

High-Speed Low Torque Dynamometers

There is a huge amount of electronics testing equipment available to buy off-the-shelf. Unless you want, of course, you want to test miniature motors or mechanisms. There are no standard designs, no best practices, and no vendors selling motor testing equipment. And yet, having an ability to test motors that you have made is critically important. Sadly we have noticed that many motor suppliers don’t bother to invest in this area and therefore their design data is unverifiable.

Motor testing is essential to make sure that the whole motor is working well, but it can also be used to identify problems with some of the many sub-components that go into a motor design. We also use motor testing to expose potential ‘hidden’ problems that are non-observable without specialist equipment.

In general motor, testing is hard because:

  • There is no motor testing infrastructure available to purchase or rent. There are no testing services for motors of the size that we manufacture
  • The testing requires a multi-discipline knowhow and experience that is hard to develop, and highly specialised
  • Many of the tests results require interpretation. For example, motor torque curves can only be tested with a dynamometer that can measure dynamic torque
Commutation Profile Testing

Commutation Profile Testing

This is hard, and therefore many suppliers make up / copy motor curves and try scaling from measured no-load speed and sometimes static stall torque. This approach might be acceptable for a $2 toy but is worthless for anything more demanding.

  • Identifying the right parameters to test requires extensive knowledge and domain experience
  • Data from multiple/different tests need to be stitched together to create a reliable picture of what is happening in a motor test. Without this and a lot of experience in doing it, it’s impossible to draw the correct conclusions from the test results. That results in wasted time in trying to treat the wrong symptoms.

Like our other areas of differentiating competence, motor testing is a unique competitive advantage for us over other suppliers. Reach out to us today to find out more about how our testing capability can help your project succeed.

Why Customers Choose Precision Microdrives

Low Speed High Torque Dynamometers

Low-Speed High Torque Dynamometers

Most customers approach us from one of three perspectives.

  1. It’s common for a customer to have tried to manufacture a motor or mechanism in South-East Asia and fail to achieve consistency in the final mass-produced product. Sometimes this can cause huge collateral damage to previously respected brands. They choose Precision Microdrives as a trusted partner to deliver parts consistently on-time and to-spec.
  2. Other customers are developing a new product that needs a cost-effective miniature motor or mechanism, and have no experience in the domain. The learning curve is steep and there is a huge opportunity cost to doing-it-yourself. These customers focus on their value-add, whilst we support them with our value-add.
  3. The largest proportion of new customers come with a desire to cost-down an existing motor or mechanism. Almost every day we meet customers paying too much for beautifully engineered but over-designed motors and mechanisms. It’s a waste of resource, but often these situations come from legacy designs, crafted at a time when Precision Microdrives didn’t exist. The customer trigger might be purely a financial one but is more commonly wrapped up as part of a product redesign or refresh.

Whatever your motivation, we can help simplify your problem. Contact us to start a discussion.

The Precision Microdrives Motor Testing and Validation Infrastructure

Our Production Line Test Equipment

Our Production Line Test Equipment

Our motor testing and validation equipment, systems and procedures support many of the 10 steps that we use to ensure the success of our customer’s projects.

  • Production Line Testing
  • Longevity Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Internal Inspection / Motor Health Testing
  • Sub Component Testing

The Precision Microdrives Motor Testing Advantage

Extensive Motor Longevity MTTF Testing

Extensive Motor Longevity MTTF Testing

Our motor testing foundation is a capability that can support the other advantages of working with us. Namely:

  • Testing supports the whole design process through the validation of samples. These can be tested for both:
    • Longevity Mean-Time-To-Failure (MTTF) testing, in which motors are run until they fail or reach a certain amount of testing run cycles. At the end or during the longevity tests, motors and mechanisms might be retested to assess the performance degradation over the lifetime.
    • Performance testing, in which the motors are set-up to run as they would in the application and key electrical and mechanical metrics are measured, captured and analysed. This can be particularly useful for assessing the performance of a motor or mechanisms as environmental characteristics such as temperature and humidity are changed.
  • Testing also supports the whole production process by adding metrics for quality controls to be assessed against:
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a method of using testing metrics on the production line to assess production parameters and quickly make changes. For this to work, a reliable component or product testing infrastructure is needed
    • Acceptable Quality Limit (ISO 2859 AQL) testing is a method for statistically testing a batch of products in a way to confidently measure details for the whole batch, without testing each one individually. A lot of our testing equipment for these tests automatically saves data onto a central test data server to simplify sharing of batch pass data for customer record keeping and compliance
    • Special line testing. This is particularly used in conjunction with serialisation and special labelling requirements. We have experience in building testing equipment for customer special testing requirements, and saving the data against a serialisation number for compliance records

Why not use this opportunity to speak to one of our friendly sales engineers who can understand your application and advise you on how we can help.

Did You Know…!

By reading this page, you have learned about the Precision Microdrives quality advantage, and how this can help you and your organisation. Why not take this opportunity to learn more about the other areas we stand apart from other suppliers:

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