DC Motor Customisations with Precision Microdrives


An example customisation - Motor + integrated PID controller

An example customisation - Motor + integrated PID controller

The core of our business is developing custom motors and mechanisms for customers. We develop custom mechanisms for new products and replacements for products that are going through a refresh.

From when you first contact us, we provide a professional engineering service that is transparent and pro-active. We demonstrate that we understand:

  • Cost is important. Our customers come to us because we can offer additional quality assurance throughout the life of the product, remaining cost competitive and protecting against ‘quality fade’.
  • “Costs” aren’t only financial. Lack of understanding in the application requirements and inaccuracy in specifications leads to repeated iterations of motor samples, dramatically increasing the time to market and other hidden costs.
  • Remote project management is difficult. Language and cultural barriers lead to misunderstandings, causing projects to slip and downtime on production runs.
  • Maintaining short lead-times is essential. Flexible manufacturing and sourcing capabilities are essential to delivering complex parts with short lead-times.

At Precision Microdrives we are constantly looking to address these issues and meet the needs of each individual project. Our ISO9001 certification is a testament to our continual internal development and focus on improving organisational processes.

Our engineering teams in UK, Hong Kong, and China offer us a great deal of operational flexibility, enabling us to configure our project tasks as appropriate. Internally, we are able to interpret market requirements and not only translate from desired output performance to actual motor specifications, but also across multiple languages. This ensures there is a full understanding and verification at each stage of the development cycle.

Our history of motor testing and design demonstrates our capabilities as miniature DC motor specialists. This includes engineering beyond the physical motor themselves. All our test machines are developed in-house we can draw from our large knowledge-base around electronics, programming, and mechanical engineering to offer a wide range of customisations.

Example Customisations

Customisations depend on the type of motor and in some cases are limited by the physical constraints. To give you an idea of what types of customisations are available the table below lists almost all types. You might also wish to look at this PDF download for guidance on MOQs and lead times:

Typical motor customisation infographic
Please note, some customisations impact upon multiple aspects of the motor. For example, the vibration amplitude is a result of the motor’s rated voltage, torque capability, and the eccentric mass. Different motor profiles might require a change to several aspects, so the list is not completely exhaustive.
Customisation Complexity Vibration Motors Gear Motors
Lead length & gauge Low Yes Yes
Connector Low Yes Yes
Encapsulation Low Yes Yes (cover)
Gearing Ratio Low No Yes
Custom Test Reports Low Yes Yes
Low temp lubricant Low Yes Yes
Shaft (length/features) Medium No Yes
Torque Output Medium Yes Yes
Motor Speed Medium Yes Yes
Rear shaft Medium Yes Yes
Vibration Frequency Medium Yes No
Operating Voltage Medium Yes Yes
Resonant Frequency High Yes No
Eccentric Mass High Yes No
Custom Gearbox High No Yes
Bearings High Yes Yes
Vibration Amplitude High Yes No
Rotary encoder High Yes Yes

The most important thing to remember with customisations is that each project is unique, so the best course of action is to contact us. Our engineering team will be happy to talk to you about your ideas and requirements, letting you know what to expect and guide you to the next steps. Please email us at [email protected].

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