Tutorials and Examples for the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit

Tutorials and Examples for the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit

Find a range of tutorials on how to access some of the advanced features of your Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit.

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Please note: This page was recently updated for the Rev2 Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit, bear with us as we add in new content for the updated kit! You can find the content for Rev1 (much of which is still useful!) at the bottom of the page. Not sure which revision you have? You can check here.

You can 'swipe' left and right to navigate just by changing one small line of code

The Kit can easily access the DRV2605 Audio-to-Vibe feature, see how here

Our latest tutorial covers driving multiple LRAs from a single source

Rev1 Tutorials And Examples

Access the content for the Rev1 Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit here. This includes:

  • Control stick interface example application
  • Wireless temperature warning example application
  • How to play a vibration alert on external actuators
  • Building your own vibration alerts
  • Explanations on how to use the Development Mode
  • And more!
    Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit external PWM connection

    Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit external PWM connection 

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