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New Xbox One Controller Increasing Haptic Feedback Offering

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Take apart old Xbox 360 and PlayStation controllers and you will see a couple of vibration motors that look almost identical to our 324-102 and 324-401 (the more powerful 12V version).

On closer inspection, you can see the two motors have different masses. This enables the controller to offer different vibration amplitudes across different vibration frequencies to enhance the feedback for gamers.

With their next generation of console, Microsoft released some interesting news on the Xbox One controller (that might have gone under the radar with all the other controversial publicity). Specifically, we’re referring to the new addition of two extra vibration motors.

These will be located under the left and right triggers to add “precise haptic feedback to the fingertips”. This increases the range of effects game designers can transmit to the player. One example is given in Forza Motorsport 5 where beyond the rumble of hitting curbs and driving over bumpy roads, it is now possible to feel your tires break traction or drift on the accelerator through the triggers.

Of course, the two familiar vibration motors in the user’s main grip will also benefit from advancements in the haptic feedback field, including better understanding from product designers and new driver technology. All in all, another great example of high-performance haptic feedback being a desirable feature for customers.

The Xbox one controller
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