Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit

Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit

The Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit is a product developed by Precision Microdrives to help users experience haptic feedback and start to incorporate the technology into their devices and products.

If you want to discover more information about haptic feedback, you can read our online resources discussing various aspects of haptics - including what it is and what is required to implement it.

You can order the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit (M20-200) either directly online on the product page or by contacting us by email - click here to contact us.

Features And Datasheet

Discover more about the kit, including a review of features and download the datasheet.

Features and Datasheet link

Documents And Resources

Get access to the User Manual, Quick-Start Guide, Menu Map, Schematics and other helpful documents.Documents and resources

Code And Arduino Sketches

Download the additional Modes of Operation, libraries, and example codes.Code an Arduino sketches

Tutorials And Examples

Help on using the features of the kit and walkthroughs of example applications.Tutorials and examples

Rev1 Content And What Version Of The Kit Do I Have?

Identify which version of the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit you have and access all previous content for the Rev1.

Rev1 Resources and Identification


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