Example Haptic Feedback Applications – CO2 Gas Monitor

Using Haptics In Safety Equipment - CO2 Gas Monitor

People who work in dangerous environments often have to concentrate on a variety of important tasks, and their attention may not be always focused on reading the status/levels of their safety equipment. It is the reason they are often fitted with other audible or visual cues like speakers and LEDs.

There are situations where these alerts may not be suitable, such as loud areas or where the equipment isn’t in the line of sight. Using vibrations, haptic feedback is an innovative feature that can augment the safety equipment, making it more effective and ultimately increase the safety of the user.

Gas Monitor Vibrotactile Feedback

Gas Monitor Vibrotactile Feedback

Gas Monitor Example Motor Placement

Gas Monitor Example Motor Placement

Using a CO2 gas monitor as an example application, we can see that safety equipment needs very little work to add vibrotactile feedback. As the device is specifically designed for measuring aspects of its surrounding environment, in this case, levels of CO2, the input is already installed. The monitor processes this information and displays it on the screen to give the user detailed information.

In the event of high CO2 levels, the monitor may produce a beeping sound or change the colour of LEDs. A simple addition to the code of the controller can produce an additional warning signal through tactile feedback. With many haptic drivers supporting I2C or PWM signals the programming and electronics are simple.

The user can now benefit from an additional early warning system that they neither need to see or hear in noisy environments. Improving your products through the addition of new features demonstrates your company has the technical expertise to stand above your competitors.

For help in positioning the vibration motor to maximise the effect of the vibration, we have a series of Application Bulletins that cover mechanical mounting. We also have a larger guide to haptic feedback for more information or contact us.

ERM in Body Worn Vibration Alerting Pack

ERM in Body-Worn Vibration Alerting Pack


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