Electronic Door Lock Cylinder


Electronic lock

Electronic lock

This DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) region customer approached us as they wanted to know if we would be a suitable second source supplier. It is standard business practice for companies in the DACH region to have a dual sourcing strategy. 

The customer required a like-for-like performance, drop-in customised 6mm dc motor for their electronic door lock. The lock uses a fob device, instead of a traditional key, to open and close the locking mechanism for commercial buildings. 


A PMD engineer assembling the mechanism

Industry-Leading Testing Infrastructure

We reviewed the customer’s specification, and extensively tested and analysed the primary source dc motor samples supplied. For confidentiality reasons, the customer would not share the name of the primary supply source or provide a product datasheet. However, due to our extensive experience and bespoke testing equipment, we were able to characterise the existing motor performance as a point of comparison. This provided a useful way to validate the motor performance results and also helped us understand which sub-components suppliers the primary supplier would likely use. In this way our Hong Kong engineering team could manage the risk of not only the primary motor supplier not performing, but also mitigate risks of their upstream sub-component supply chain.

In validating our own motor solution, we and the customer performed extensive temperature, environmental and mechanical tests. The customer had very specific performance requirements, and during development we proposed a change from a 3-pole, to a 5-pole motor to enhance the high performance and reliability that their lock required.


Side view of 106-002 DC Motor

DC Gear Motor


  • PMD manufactured a 5-Pole brushed dc motor within a sub-assembly satisfying the two-tier sourcing requirement.
  • The motor sub-assembly included a pinion gear on the shaft and a location point for the lock.


The PMD engineering teams in London and Hong Kong worked closely alongside the customer’s team, to meet challenging production dates, and support a new product launch, on time and to specification.