Vibration Motors and Haptic Feedback

Wide range of DC vibration motors with off-the-shelf sampling

Expedite your product development
with miniature vibration motors, mechanisms and haptic feedback technology designed for your application

Trust Precision Microdrives to manage your development and manufacturing risks

Using our proven technology and design process, we engineer cost-effective, multi-volume motor and mechanism solutions you can rely on. Freeing up your engineering resource to expedite your R&D.

  • Consistent, reliable, quality controls 
  • Managing your engineering risk
  • Motor products delivered On Time and To Spec
  • Expedite your product development
  • Free up your internal resources for more valuable R&D
  • Design, validation and compliance processes to rely on.

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Technologies and form factors

The six distinct types of motor technology (Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM), Linear Resonant Actuators and Solenoid Actuators) that our engineers design vibration and haptic feedback solutions with

Vibration motor technologies

Our application engineers design vibration and haptic feedback solutions using six distinct motor technologies.

  • Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM)
  • Linear resonant actuators
  • Solenoid actuators

57 stocked motor form factors

We want to help get you developing quickly. So we have many off-the-shelf form factors in a variety of winding configurations available for sample or purchase.

  • Leaded vibration motors
  • Through hole PCB vibration motors
  • SMD reflow vibration motors
  • Coin and pancake vibration motors
  • Encapsulated vibration motors


Your application is unique so we expect you to want some level of custom features or performance. Work with our application engineers to design the perfect solution.

  • Lead customisation
  • Connectors
  • Brushes and commutator
  • Bearings and lubricants
  • Resonant vibration frequencies
  • Encapsulation
  • Eccentric mass modification
  • Winding customisation

Typical vibration motor form factors

Precision Microdrives range of leaded vibration motors

Leaded vibration motors

Most vibration motors come with pre-fitted wires / leads that can be modified to length and fitted with a wide range of connectors.

Precision Microdrives range of through hole vibration motors

Through hole PCB vibration motors

Some vibration motors can be through-hole PCB mounted, and within this category, we can send power through pins or wires / leads

Precision Microdrives range of reflow vibration motors

SMD reflow vibration motors

We offer a wide range of SMD reflowable vibration motors that are supplied on SMD pick and place reels.

Precision Microdrives range of spring pad vibration motors

Spring pad vibration motors

For cases where the motor should be integrated into the case, rather than PCB, spring pad motor designs are a good choice.

Precision Microdrives range of coin and pancake vibration motors

Coin and pancake vibration motors

We carry a wide range of ERM and LRA motors in both coin or ‘pancake’ designs. These can be leaded or fitted with pad springs.

Precision Microdrives range of encapsulated vibration motors

Encapsulated vibration motors

If ERM clearance is an issue, or over-moulding is desired, try our range of encapsulated vibration motors.


Haptic feedback or vibration alerting?

Our haptic feedback kit setup and ready to use

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback uses very controlled vibration or actuated movement, to provide touch feedback or information to a user. It is a tactile user interface and enables a device to speak the ‘language’ of haptics, adding complexity.

The most obvious implementation of this is a touch screen, where haptic feedback takes the form of simulating the feeling of pressing a button.

A more complex example would be a glove with many haptic actuators on it to support training of a surgeon in a virtual reality environment.

Vibration alerting

Vibration alerting is a lot simpler. It’s a binary on / off signal to a user to grab their attention.

Think of an incoming phone call, vibration on a steering wheel to alert the driver that they have veered across a lane marking, or a vibrating crane control stick to signal that the attached load is too heavy.

Vibration alerting can also be quite elaborate – think of a belt with 12 integrated vibration motors to direct the wearer where to go. Most people call this haptics, but it’s actually just vibration alerting.

Why the big deal with semantics? Well in a nutshell, if you’re vibration alerting the project is going to be much simpler and cheaper.

A person using a handheld barcode scanner to scan a barcode on a box

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Specialised engineering services and capabilities from Precision Microdrives

Motor and Mechanism Design at Precision Microdrvies
Engineer in our Hong Kong facility validating motors
Precision Microdrives Hong-Kong engineer using a dynameter
Precision Microdrives design engineers in our London office
Precision Microdrives employees in our Hong Kong facility

Understanding your application to value-engineer a fit for purpose solution.

Integrating our manufacturing specialists early ensures volume manufacturability.

Scalable manufacturing resources for all volume and complexity levels.

Bespoke dynamometers and motor testing equipment to validate designs.

A robust ISO 9001 BSI quality system designed for motors and mechanisms.

Support from the start to the very end of every project from specialist engineers.


Why Precision Microdrives?

Trusted motors and mechanisms

Getting the core of your application correct, first time

Motors and mechanisms are likely one of the most expensive lines on your BOM and also the least likely to be noticed by your customers. Until they fail… 

So, choose an engineering partner that has extensive domain expertise in mitigating the technical risks of these complex products.

Rely on a manufacturing partner with a presence on the ground, robust quality control processes, and a familiar approach to maximising your value-add.

Priced to deliver the best value

We engineer our products to be optimised for your application and delivered at a best value cost.

We don’t engineer our solutions to the highest possible standards, or the lowest possible costs.

That’s not the only way we help your profitability either.

Add a very technically experienced, cost effective addition to your development team. We will free up your internal resource to focus on more valuable R&D work, which will expedite your development cycles.

A robust large low-voltage mechanism manufactured in-house.
A complex miniature mechanism manufactured in-house

Working with Precision Microdrives

Manufacturable design

  • We design solutions that are manufacturable and reliable.
  • Tested and validated for longevity, performance and environment.

Technical expertise

  • Absolute domain experts in motors and mechanisms.
  • If we can help by sharing our expertise and experience, we will.

Robust quality controls

  • Quality teams in Asia to control upstream component suppliers.
  • QC methods developed specifically for motors and sub-components.

Precision manufacturing

  • Uniquely (for Asia) co-locating design engineers and final assembly lines in Hong Kong.
  • Specialisation in complex electromechanical assemblies.
  • Motor / mechanism custom end-of-line testing.


  • We free up your resources and take away the pain of motor mechanisms for higher value R&D.
  • Working as an extension of your business, at every stage.
  • Pre and post sales support, in your time zone and language.

Managing your risk

  • Unparalleled motor mechanism experience, enables us to predict problems and provide solutions.
  • Competent skills and processes to mitigate risks from design through to mass production.
  • A culture to get things right!

Key markets and applications

We provide motor and mechanism solutions to all sorts of industries, including:


  • Point of care machines
  • Lab analysis and diagnostics equipment
  • Drug dispensers
  • Automated test platforms
  • Pumps
  • Surgically implanted devices


  • Monitoring and measuring devices
  • Lab sample preparation equipment
  • Diagnostics equipment
  • Sensors and gauge testing
  • Bench-top dispensary equipment
  • Electronics test equipment


  • Emergency services equipment
  • Analysis and monitoring devices
  • Transport and logistics
  • Controllers
  • Ticket kiosks and ATM’s
  • Robotics and artificial limbs


  • Touchscreens and smart devices
  • Video games and controllers
  • Smart homes
  • Automotive dashboards
  • E-bikes


  • Sensors and alarms
  • Handheld scanners 
  • Surveillance cameras and monitors
  • Locks, security systems and safes
  • Passport readers and ID scanners
Precision motors for healthcare applicatons


  • At home health monitoring
  • Rehabilitation accessories
  • Fitness trackers and smart watches
  • Oral drug dispensaries and vapes
  • Stairlift and mobility solutions

Case studies

Our vibration motors are used throughout many applications and industries. Here are some of our recent projects: