Vibration Motor For Medical Patient Simulator / CPR Dummy


The CPR Dummy Being Used By Medical Professionals

The CPR Dummy Being Used By Medical Professionals

Haptics is often associated with touchscreens, but in this application, our customer introduced haptic feedback with a very different goal – to simulate the feeling of a patient’s heartbeat! Our customer is a medical company with the expected high requirements on quality consistency and product performance. We were asked to progress a prototype that they had developed, design in a matching vibration motor, and make the assembly suitable for mass production.

The customer had the budget and quality requirements that enabled us to use a CNC manufacturing process for the enclosure. They also specified tight EMC interference limits, to avoid impacting nearby medical equipment. The complete unit also had to be IP rated requiring a suitable enclosure sealing method. Finally, we agreed on a twisted pair wire-set and Molex connector, for the external connection.


The Motor Used To Simulate The Feeling Of A Patient's Heartbeat

The Motor Used To Simulate The Feeling Of A Patient’s Heartbeat

As is common, the customer had already mapped out the envelope of the vibrating assembly to integrate it into the end product. The enclosure is machined from aluminium alloy with pre-specified fixture mounting points, and a few additional application locating features. The split enclosure is secured with an integrated thread and IP67 sealed, with a silicon washer and suitable tightening torque. The thread was introduced as part of the design for manufacture process making manufacturing more efficient and consistent. We designed the vibration motor with a custom winding to provide the necessary torque to drive a large eccentric mass. To generate the vibration G-forces for an accurate heartbeat simulation, we chose a CNC machined brass weight, and we added a PCB backpack for the motor onto which the EMI filters were fitted. Finally, we designed a carton packing arrangement suitable for cost-effective air freight.


Trusted Motor & Mechanism Design

Trusted Motor & Mechanism Design

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