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Rugged Piezoelectric Passcode Haptic Example

We’ve written a new example application for the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit. Piezoelectric sensors can be used for a variety of applications, but we chose to look at using them for touch buttons.

They’re great because they don’t get damaged as easily as normal contact switches (such as from moisture or dust), but they lack the tactile response of a physical button.

So we used our Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit to develop a simple passcode system. Using 3 piezo sensors the user is required to enter a 4 digit passcode, and the kit provides the tactile stimulation on button presses and also plays different effects for the user entering the wrong code or the correct code!

Quick quiz: is the system more secure with an additional sensor or a 5 digit code?!

A piezoelectric sensor
A piezoelectric sensor
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