Example Haptic Feedback Applications

Example Haptic Feedback Applications

Below are some example applications that could benefit from the addition of haptic feedback. The specific products suggested are representative of the overall category, if you want any advice on your specific application please don't hesitate to get in touch using our contact details. You can continue to read about haptic feedback using the chapter navigation and the bottom of the page.

Portable Devices - TETRA Radios

See how haptic feedback can improve a portable device like a TETRA radio.TETRA radio

Control Stick Interfaces - Crane Controllers

See how haptic force feedback can improve user-interfaces like in crane controllers.Crane controller

Body Worn Devices - CO2 Gas Monitor

See how vibrotactile feedback can improve safety equipment like in a gas monitor.Gas monitor

Handheld Devices - Barcode Scanner

See how haptic feedback can improve handheld devices like a barcode scanner.Barcode scanner

Touchscreens - CNC Control Station

See how haptic touch feedback can improve a touchscreen device like in a CNC mill.Touchscreen

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