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Dura Vibe™

Brushless Vibration Motors

Our Dura Vibe™ range is a series of brushless vibration motors which are longer lasting than traditional brushed DC motors. They are similar in vibration strength to our other coin vibration motors and Pico Vibe™ range.

Without brushes, which are susceptible to wear, our Dura Vibe™ motors are ideal for applications that frequently use vibrations over a long period of time. Handheld vibration alerting and massaging applications commonly use brushless vibration motors.

If you are looking to implement haptic feedback or require larger vibrations for applications such as mechanical aid, you may want to take a look at our other motor ranges. See our product catalogue for all of our in-stock Dura Vibe™ motors.

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Front view of a dura vibe vibration motor
Dura Vibe™ motors are based on long-life brushless DC motors

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