Mechanical Mounting for Vibration Motors : Moulded and Machined Enclosures – AB-015 Released

Our newest Application Bulletin looks at mounting vibration motors using moulded or machined enclosures. These are specially designed housings for a specific vibration motor which can both secure the vibrating motor and help provide secure electrical connections, for example, spring pad vibration motors.

There are a host of advantages to using these custom-designed enclosures, including improved vibration alerting performance and easy factory production. Of course, there are also a couple of potential pitfalls, but we help explain how to avoid these during your design stage.

After spending effort on other areas such as drive circuitry and EMC performance, the enclosure can easily be overlooked. However, it can have a large impact on performance, find out more in:

Application Bulletin 015: Mechanical Mounting for Vibration Motors: Moulded and Machined Enclosures