Integrated Driver Circuits for Vibration Motors – AB-017 Released

How to drive a vibration motor remains one of our most popular questions from customers. Part of the problem with giving a definitive answer is that it really depends on the end application and how sophisticated you want to make the system, or more likely your budget constraints.

Essentially, all the motor requires is a power source that supplies enough voltage and current (these values are specific to each motor).

However, there usually a number of additional requirements, the most common of which is being able to switch the motor on and off with a microcontroller. As we have discussed in many of our Application Bulletins, microcontrollers are rarely able to drive a vibration motor directly.

So far we have looked at several different methods you could use:

We have now released Application Bulletin 017 where we take a look at a range of dedicated vibration motor drivers. These chips vary in features, but all are capable of driving your vibration motor to a high level whilst reducing your component count.

To see how your vibration motor circuit could or for more information, follow the link below!

AB-017: Integrated Driver Circuits for Vibration Motors