Driving Brushless Vibration Motors – AB-018 Released

Our latest brushless vibration motor, the 912-101, is a great new product aimed at long life mechanical aid and vibration alerting applications. When it comes to driving the motor, there are some differences between it and the 910-101 coin brushless vibration motor.

So we thought we would put together an Application Bulletin that covered why brushless vibration motors are different from ‘normal’ brushed vibration motors, and why it’s important to know they’re different. Specifically, we look at how to drive brushless motors.

The guide will briefly introduce what the terms brushed and brushless mean, before demonstrating the design considerations and appropriate drive circuitry. We even recommend a chip!

So for more information on how to drive your brushless vibration motor click the link below:

Application Bulletin 018: Driving Brushless Vibration Motors