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Arduino IDE 1.6.0 Updated Code for Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit

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Attention users of the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit! Recently Arduino released the latest version of their IDE, version 1.6.0, which has several changes that affect the Modes of Operation that we provide.

Specifically, the Arduino IDE is now in-line with the newer AVR GCC. The compiler (GCC) for the microcontroller in the Arduino UNO R3 (AVR based microcontrollers) handles PROGMEM statements differently. The full Arduino release notes can be read here.

For our users, this means you may need to update your code, depending on which version of Arduino you are using. We recommend moving to the latest version of Arduino and updating your code accordingly, follow the questions below for assistance. Of course, if you have any problems please contact us for help!

Where do I get the latest Arduino IDE?

Here is where you can find the Arduino code. The latest version of the IDE is always on their download page, but they also make older versions available if you need them. The Haptic Kit was originally developed to work with Arduino 1.0.6, the examples and tutorials are written for this version of the code (unless stated).

How do I know if I have the old code?

Errors! The old code will not compile (click the verify button) in Arduino 1.6.0. The error specifically refers to the changes to PROGMEM discussed above:

Screenshot of the Arduino 1.6.0 PROGMEM errors
Arduino 1.6.0 PROGMEM Errors

Where can I get the new code (1.6.0 compatible)?

Here is where you can find the new code. If you have an existing M20-200 and have subsequently updated the Arduino IDE, you should also download the updated Modes of Operation in the resources page. All new kits will be shipped with the 1.6.0 compatible version of the code, for these, you should update to the latest Arduino IDE.

Is the new code backwards compatible old Arduino IDEs?

Yes. However, we do recommend upgrading to Arduino 1.6.0+ and migrating your code. Also, those who have ordered a Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit after this update must ensure they update their Arduino IDE.

Please note the example applications and tutorials available to date are written for Arduino 1.0.x and are not directly compatible with the 1.6.0. However, as the update only changes the supporting libraries and header files you can easily migrate the examples by copying .ino file into the new Development Mode.

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