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Vibration Alerting with Ford’s Lane Keeping Technology

The new 2013 Ford Fusion is to include Lane-Keeping Technology, which is a great example of vibration alerting in automotive markets.

Lane-Keeping Technology uses a forward-facing digital camera to detect when the car is drifting lanes and then provides an alert, known as Lane Departure Warnings. If no action is taken by the driver following the warning, the car will then steer itself back to the centre of the original lane.

To notify the driver, Ford is using vibration motors in the steering wheel to provide vibrating alerts to the driver. If you want to read more on Ford’s Lane Keeping technology you can download the press release below.

This is not new technology, it was first introduced in Nissan’s Cima in 2001, however, it was previously a feature reserved for higher-end models. Hopefully, we will see more advanced safety features being fitted as standard.

Steering wheel tat will vibrate if the car drifts out of its lane
Vibration Alerting in the Car
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