Example Haptic Feedback Applications – TETRA Radio

Using Haptics In A Body Worn Portable Device - TETRA Radio

In a similar way that mobile phones and pagers moved beyond the simple ringing alerts, now a variety of handheld and body-worn portable devices are benefiting from vibration features. With the advancement in controllers and bandwidth, small portable devices are now required to process high volumes of complex data but still rely on visual or basic audible outputs.

There are other catalysts for including vibration technology too. Some require their product to be more discreet, others need to be noticeable in loud environments, and many are looking to innovate with haptic feedback to effectively convey more information to their users.

TETRA radios can use haptic feedback to improve notifications

TETRA radios can use haptic feedback to improve notifications

TETRA Radio Vibrating Motor Placement Example

TETRA Radio Vibrating Motor Placement Example

One of the most difficult design constraints for portable devices is balancing the size and weight of the unit to fit all the necessary components. Consider the TETRA radio example above, in addition to having a rugged external construction the unit houses the antenna, screen, keypad, electronics, and a large battery. However to maintain its portability the unit must be able to fit in the user’s hand and as light as possible.

Adding tactile feedback is much easier than first anticipated, many drivers will use the data standards as the existing controller (I2C / CMOS logic and PWM) and have PCB footprints under 1.5 x 1.5 mm. We have a wide range of high-performance vibration motors to fit different mounting techniques, including our Precision Haptic™ 308-102 that produces 5.5 G and is only 8mm in diameter.

With a new tactile feedback feature, users of the TETRA radio can benefit from discreet personal notifications and can be alerted through vibration technology. Improving your products through the addition of new features demonstrates your company has the technical expertise to stand above your competitors.

For help in positioning the vibration motor to maximise the effect of the vibration, we have a series of Application Bulletins that cover mechanical mounting. We also have a larger guide to tactile feedback for more information or contact us with any questions.

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