Video: M10-400 Brushless Motor Evaluation Board Released

We are very pleased to introduce our first product in our new Precision Controller™ range, the M10-400 Evaluation Board. It is a brushless motor driver board based on the DRV11873, and we have developed the kit to drive our brushless motors ‘out-the-box’.

The Dura Vibe™ 912-101 and Dura Core™ 712-100 are both delta wound brushless motors, requiring additional circuitry to handle the electrical commutation. With an onboard PWM generator and a variable resistor, the M10-400 needs no additional components other than the power and motor. See how simple it is! (Sorry for lack of focus @ 0:52 !!)

The M10-400 is easily connected and can handle a wide input voltage (5 – 16V). The board also provides access to all the I/O pins and you can further development by using the SMD test points to interface with external systems, such as a PWM signal generator. It will also interface with other delta or star wound BLDC motors.

For more information, see the datasheet (which includes a full user guide). Please note, the 910-101 already has an internal driver IC and simply requires a power connection.