Vibration and Gear Motor Customisation Update

 Example customisations of a vibration motor

Example Customizations of a Vibration Motor

As our testing machines and capabilities have grown over the years, we’ve been able to offer more and more complicated customisations to our customers. So to help handle some of these enquiries and manage expectations, we’ve put together some content that answers many of the questions we receive.

In particular, we wanted to show what customisations were possible and how complex they might be. Whilst some are fairly straightforward, some aren’t as obvious as you would think – it becomes an interesting exercise in managing operations. For example, with a DC motor that has power leads going into the end cap, the MOQ is much less for shortening the leads than making them longer. This is because to lengthen the leads, a whole new production run needs to be set up with extra length, whereas shortening them can use existing stock motors and simply trim the leads to the required length.

This might seem obvious to some, but there’s plenty of instances where certain specifications cause a trade-off in other areas. A common example is adjusting the vibration amplitude of an ERM. The operating voltage, torque capability (derived from motor length and diameter), and the size of the eccentric mass can all be varied to create different vibration profiles.

So for customisations, it’s always best to contact our engineers to discuss the application – but you may wish to visit our updated page on DC motor customisations here:

DC Motor Customisations from Precision Microdrives

We’ve also put together a short document that outlines some of the common customisations and some of the process (email subscribers follow this link).