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Haptic Touchscreen Example Application

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We are seeing a wide range of manufacturers implementing touchscreens in their products. Whilst they’ve been commonplace in the mobile arena for some time, now products like various whitegoods, information kiosks, printers and even industrial CNC machines are replacing dials and buttons.

Adding haptic feedback to touchscreens is very simple, we outlined some mounting options in Application Bulletin 014: Mechanical Layout of Vibration Motors for Typical User Interfaces and Controls. To complement the mounting guide, we’ve added a new example application guide using the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit.

The guide uses a TFT resistive touchscreen module to create a user interface and register presses from the user. Reading the guide, you will see most of the effort is in driving the screen and producing images to act as ‘buttons’ – adding in haptic feedback is the easy part.

So if you’re thinking of improving your interface with a touchscreen, with the low cost of drivers and long-life LRAs available without a MOQ, there’s no reason not to add haptic feedback to your product.

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