Electrical Techniques for Using Different Power Sources – AB-011 Released


Potential Divider Equivalent Circuit

Potential Divider Equivalent Circuit

While most help guides would teach you how to increase it, we’re going to look at decreasing it. To a nice suitable level.

Most of our DC motors, especially the Pico Vibe™ range, have maximum voltage ratings under 5V. For some systems the available power source is much higher than this; for others, it’s still higher than the maximum rated voltage of the motor. Thankfully there are several simple techniques that you can use to decrease the supply voltage to connect the motor safely.

This Application Bulletin covers the circuitry and explains how the voltage is reduced. Also, maths fans will not be disappointed with a couple of equations to help you calculate the required values.

Check out AB-011: Electrical Techniques for Using Different Power Sources here!