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BuzzPOD Vibration Alerting

Here’s a customer application that we found quite interesting, mainly because it’s so different from the products we normally supply.

The BuzzPOD is a device developed by Gorman ProMed. It consists of a simple control unit and sensors, which monitors the wearer’s sleeping position, and a vibration motor. If the control unit detects that the user has slept on their back for too long, the vibration motor kicks in and the sleeper changes position.

The reason that the BuzzPOD is so keen to move you off your back, is that this is the position you are most likely to snore or experience Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. OSA can manifest in excessive tiredness throughout the day, along with other medical symptoms.

This is another example of vibration alerting being used in an environment where a light or audible cue would not be suitable. Plus our vibration motors are small and discreet enough to be used in clothing, but powerful enough to wake the heaviest of sleepers!

See more about the BuzzPOD on its website here

The BuzzPOD being worn by a person
The BuzzPOD has been designed to stop sleepers staying on their backs for more than 5 seconds
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