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Wireless Temperature Sensing Exaxmple

We recently released a new example application for the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit, a temperature monitoring system that would play a haptic effect when a sensor in a remote location sent a wireless warning signal to the kit.

In our imaginary situation, we pictured somebody being in a dangerous environment, perhaps something like a fire-fighter, who would need to be warned when the ambient temperature was getting too high. As the sensor was transmitting signals wirelessly, it could be located in a different place, such as a different level of a building where collapse may be imminent once the temperature reaches a certain level.

We also included a push button so that wearers of the haptic equipment could be alerted manually by colleagues of other dangers. This played a different haptic effect to allow for differentiation between warnings.

Although we used a temperature sensor, the application could easily be extended to use a variety of different sensor types. It also covers one approach for the transmission of haptic effects wirelessly. An important consideration for expanding the prototype is the motor’s mounting, see our Application Bulletin on flexible materials for further discussion on this.

A temperature warning system with the transmitter on the left and the receiver on the right
Temperature warning system diagram
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