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Power and Drive Applications

DC Gear Motors

Engineered by Precision Microdrives, a complete selection of DC gearmotors are available for a variety of power and continuous drive applications.

These geared motors primarily belong to the miniature series of Precision Microdrives spur gear motors and have a larger form factor (for example, 102mm in body diameter). Addressing the needs for power and continuous drive applications, the geared motors exert medium to high torques (for example, 500 mNm to 7000 mNm) to avoid overdriving the motor under load.

A drive belt that can be driven by a gearmotor
Drive belt is driven by a gearmotor

These gear motors maintain controlled speeds through continuous and periodic loading throughout the operating duty. Typical industrial applications include mixers or stirrers (for paint), drive belts and production lines. Typical consumer applications include printing machines, model toy cars, and electric curtain rails.

Line drawing of a curtain rail that uses a a DC gear motor
Electric curtain rails use DC gearmotors

Electric curtain rails use DC gearmotors Precision Microdrives DC gearmotors, intended for power and continuous drive applications, exhibit qualities such as durability and high operating life, some also offer housings to prevent exposure to moisture and dust.

Consider the Miniature Spur™ 224-303 24mm geared motor which has a fully enclosed compact housing, including mounting flanges for quick installation. The Miniature Spur™ 224-302 includes a high-quality steel and brass gear train for your next power and continuous drive application.

For this important niche, you have a number of choices available with DC gearmotors from Precision Microdrives.

These geared motors are extremely designer-friendly. They have multiple options for developing stringent, quality-controlled, cost-effective, and competitive solutions. In addition, Precision Microdrives provides unparalleled technical support with continually updated datasheets, web-based help features, and technical bulletins.

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