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Miniature Spur™

Spur DC Gearmotors

Our Miniature Spur™ DC gearmotors are larger in form factor than the Micro Spur™ varieties. They consist of heavy-duty gearboxes for larger loads. Choose Precision Microdrives Miniature Spur™ gearbox motors for applications that require a wide range of medium to high-level torque and low rotational speed.  Precision Microdrives Miniature Spur™ DC gear motors are available in a wide range of gearing ratios. They are widely used in power and drive applications.

A close up image of a miniature spur DC gearmotor
Miniature Spur™ DC Gear Motors

24mm Miniature Spur™ Gearbox Motor

Consider Precision Microdrives 24mm Miniature Spur™ gearbox motor for use as a building block for electronic equipment such as desktop printers. This gearbox motor has a superior grade ferrite motor and a spur reduction gear train inside a compact housing. The mounting flanges provided make installation of this miniature gearmotor quick and convenient.

Models to look for: 224-301, 224-302, 224-303

25mm Miniature Spur™ Gearbox Motor

Precision Microdrives 25mm Miniature Spur™ gearbox motor is used as a building block for kitchen accessories, vending machines, curtain rails, as well as automated equipment and industrial applications. This geared model is also very popular with amateur enthusiasts for robotics and modelling applications. Our 25mm Miniature Spur™ gearmotors are equipped with a fully-enclosed housing.  They contain a straight-cut, machined gearbox of steel and a three pole ferrite motor, making them powerful and efficient.

Models to look for: 225-101, 225-202, 225-204, 225-205, 225-402, 225-801

27mm Miniature Spur™ Gearbox Motor

The 27mm Miniature Spur™ gearbox motor is highly suited to educational purposes due to its performance capability, reliability, and great pricing. This geared motor is housed in a protective, plastic housing and is equipped with a three-pole 140 Mabuchi motor and a straight-cut steel gearbox. A sintered bronze bearing holds the output shaft in place. This model of geared motor is also in high demand for motorized toys and industrial equipment.

Models to look for: 227-103

47mm Miniature Spur™ Gearbox Motor

Precision Microdrives 47mm Miniature Spur™ gearbox motor has a square-shaped gearbox. It is used for a variety of industrial applications including vending machines.  This model is equipped with a five-pole motor along with a sealed gearbox. The 247-201 model exerts very high torque and delivers reliable and consistent performance in the long run.

Models to look for: 247-201

48mm Miniature Spur™ Gearbox Motor

Our 48mm Miniature Spur™ gearbox motors deliver automated action that is required in vending machines and loaded arms. The main features of this miniature geared motor are: versatility, a range of customized gear ratios, different output configurations, along with feedback mounting. Built with an offset-shaft gear motor and an enclosed spur gear set, this 48mm Miniature Spur™ geared motor consists of steel and brass gears that facilitates transmission of high torque and delivers high performance.

Models to look for: 248-300, 248-401

102mm Miniature Spur™ Gearbox Motor

Consider Precision Microdrives 102mm Miniature Spur™ gearbox motor as a building block for kitchen appliances, vending machines, and industrial equipment. Designed to provide a very high torque, this miniature gearbox motor features a compact, enclosed gearbox with steel spur gears. The housing of the motor contains multiple threaded holes so it can be secured in place conveniently and easily. This allows you to customise output configurations.

Models to look for: 2A2-300 

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