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Magellan ‘Switch Up’ GPS Watch Released

Our sportier and health-conscious customers may have been interested in our Tech Blog post about the release of Jawbone’s ‘Up’, and there is more news from the world of healthy living products using vibration alerting.

Magellan has released a watch aimed at those who take their exercise outdoors, featuring high-precision GPS receivers to accurately record the user’s movements and position to within 3-5 meters. The handheld and mobility market is a popular field for vibration alerting and haptic feedback.

Taking their expertise in GPS devices, Magellan has also included a vibration motor in the Switch Up to give details about performance, including distance and time, in noisy environments. Given the size of the watch, we reckon they will have used a coin vibration motor or a small cylinder ERM. With discrete motor drive circuits also available, even very small devices can feature vibrations.

The Megellan 'Switchup' GPs watch
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