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Jawbone’s Vibrating Wristband ‘Up’ Releases in UK Today!

Jawbone made their name on the back of their stylish Bluetooth headsets, and now they are releasing a wristband and iPhone app combo called ‘Up’. According to various sources, Up is available in the UK from today (17th November). Simply slip the wristband on and Up will track your activity and sleep patterns, then tell you things you never knew about yourself, with help from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

But why are we telling you this? Well from our point of view, the most interesting feature is the ‘silent alarm’. You see, the wristband contains a small vibration motor to help wake you up and remind you to get active if you’re being a lazy daisy.

From the exploded product view below, we can see a small coin vibration motor packaged neatly beside the battery. It’s a nice reference design for anyone looking to implement a vibrating wristband.

The ‘Up’ Vibrating Wristband Application Uses an 8mm Coin Vibration Motor

So, if you’re thinking of making your own, take a look at our overview of coin vibration motors (you may have heard them called shaftless or pancake vibrator motors). We stock lots of other form factors too such as SMD reflow vibrator motors, through-hole PCB vibration motors, or you can visit our Product Catalogue and see a selection of coin vibration motors we stock

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