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Haptic Feedback Vibration Motors

Our Precision Haptic™ range undergoes additional testing to ensure they offer the highest performance solutions for haptic feedback. We currently offer a handful of actuators and are working to expand the range with 3 new eccentric rotating mass vibration motors. These are specifically designed for haptic feedback applications, including a 4.5mm, 6mm, and 8mm option.

Linear Resonant Actuators (LRAs) are a popular source of vibration because they support more complex waveforms, conveying more detailed tactile information. For more information about haptic feedback, you may want to read our haptic feedback vs vibration alerting guide.

Our product usage guides discuss the variety of applications where haptic feedback is commonly used. The Precision Haptic™ range will grow to support these applications and help our customers easily add haptic feedback to their product’s feature list.

If you require simpler vibration alerting functionality or larger vibrations for applications such as mechanical aid, you may want to take a look at our other vibrating motor ranges. Visit our product catalogue to see all our in-stock Precision Haptic™ motors.

A pair of C10-100 linear resonant actuator LRA
Precision Haptic™ ERMs and LRAs are specially selected for haptic feedback

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