Experiments in Waterproofing / Overmolding Vibration Motors AB-016 Released

Encapsulated vibration motors with epoxy sealant

Encapsulated vibration motors with an epoxy sealant

Back when we were writing AB-010: Mechanical Mounting for Vibration Motors: to Flexible Material and Clothing we had fun thinking of all the applications it could be used for. Almost immediately we had several ideas for providing vibration alerting in clothes, we decided to suggest uses for security guards, armed forces, firemen, motorcyclists, and athletes but we could easily have doubled this list!

We quickly realised that one of the biggest challenges facing the implementation of vibration motors in clothing is that they would have to be water-resistant. Most of our suggested products would either be subject to wet environments or need to be washed.

As an experiment, we decided to look at waterproofing some of our vibration motors using epoxy or potting compound and discovered some interesting results. For a full description of the process and tips, follow the link below:

AB-016: Experiments in Waterproofing / Overmolding Vibration Motors