Industrial and Consumer Actuators With DC Gear Motors

Precision Microdrives offers a variety of purpose-built DC Gear Motors, an essential component in today’s industrial and consumer actuators. With Precision Microdrives DC Gear Motors, actuator operations can appear simple and effortless. However, they are highly sophisticated devices. Consumer actuators are used in CD/DVD drives, automobile windows and other devices, while industrial counterparts are used in mixer/stirrer, drive belts, production line and chute control or HVAC applications.

A close up of a production line with tinned drinks travelling along the conveyer belt
Production lines use a variety of actuators

Production lines use a variety of actuators

DC Gear Motors, whether small gear motors, mini gear motors and micro gear motors, are available to meet the functional and performance requirements in a variety of products and equipment. Geared motors from Precision Microdrives operate actuators smoothly, efficiently and with minimal power: opening, closing, lifting or positioning components, such as lids or doors. Whether using planetary or spur gear motors, our DC gear motors and geared actuators impact both consumers and industrial users – from opening and closing DVD/Blu-ray drives to automobile windows or driving factory production lines to power sensitive scientific and medical equipment. Micro and mini gear motors and geared actuators are also used in areas unsuitable for human exposure, for example, driving and positioning remote cameras in hostile environments.

Gearmotors can be used for remote control in hostile environments

Operations performed by actuators are typically short-lived and must overcome sharp load changes as a result of acceleration or stopping. Our small gear motors provide medium to high torques to drive equipment mechanisms at controlled speeds during continuous or periodic loading throughout its operation. In addition, geared motors from Precision Microdrives provide long operational life by preventing any overdrive while under load.

For example, Micro Spur™ DC Gear Motors with compact offset shafts, are used for automated actuation in vending machines and loaded arms. Their adaptable housing permits a range of gear ratio options and output configurations, as well as feedback mounting. The unit features steel and brass gears for reliable transmission of high torques. DC gear motors are extremely efficient in driving loads repeatedly and reliably under a wide range of operating temperatures and environmental conditions within a protective housing that prevents exposure to moisture and dirt.

At Precision Microdrives, we help our customers develop high-quality industrial and consumer actuators with stock or customer-tailored gear motors that are cost-effective and competitive solutions for today’s market. We provide unparalleled customer support, continually updated datasheets, web-based help features and technical bulletins to help customers looking for solutions within this niche. We also provide uniquely designed gear motors to meet the stringent quality and performance challenges of customer specifications within tight budget constraints and target pricing.

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A remote controlled robot designed to be used in hostile environments
Gearmotors can be used for remote control in hostile environments

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