Trusted Precision Motor Design

Trusted Precision Motor Design

Precision Microdrives is an ISO 9001:2015 trusted designer and manufacturer of miniature, cost-effective, and well-engineered motors and motor mechanisms.

The Benefits Of Working With Precision Microdrives

Every Project Starts With A Design

Every Project Starts With A Design

Designing miniature, cost-effective and well-engineered motor mechanisms is hard. By working with us, you can:

  • cut costs
  • avoid the many struggles of reliable Asia-centric motor manufacturing
  • focus on adding value to your customers, and let domain professionals look after your and your company’s best interests

The design stage will cast a shadow that will significantly impact later manufacturing. It will affect the end products manufacturing potential, both in terms of quality consistency, manufacturing efficiency, and therefore cost.

Since the foundation of any successful manufacturing project is a solid design, you will benefit by involving us from the start of a product development, or a product refresh.

Electro-mechanical Design for Application

Electro-mechanical Design for Application

We are experts at:

  • understanding the electro-mechanical needs of your application
  • developing a tailored product
  • reliably putting it into mass production
  • and delivering on-time, and to a consistent quality standard

We can simplify your miniature motor design process, and help you avoid costly mistakes. You start you can give us a call or send an email.

The Design Challenge

Consistent Manufacturing Is The Goal

Consistent Manufacturing Is The Goal

The motor component ecosystem is fragmented and based entirely in South-East Asia. This means that:

  1. it’s hard to understand what can be reliably manufactured, by who, and to what tolerances
  2. it’s hard to overcome the cultural barrier that often leads to ‘quality fade’
  3. it’s hard to communicate because Western languages are not really understood at a technical level, making misunderstandings very common

On top of that, you also need:

  1. technical expertise in miniature motor technology and design
  2. experience in motor application design to avoid common mistakes
  3. motor testing and performance validation equipment
  4. a deep understanding of motor manufacturing processes
  5. and processes to risk manage the South-East Asia manufacturing ecosystem

To handle these challenges you need expertise, experience and know-how that is not publicly known, specialist infrastructure that cannot be bought off-shelf, and a permanent operations centre in South-East Asia. Over the past 15 years, our company has developed the infrastructure, expertise and experience to control and perform each of these 8 points.

This is what makes Precision Microdrives the most trusted brand in the cost-effective miniature motor market. Contact one of our sales engineers today to learn how we can help you.

Why Customers Choose Precision Microdrives

Performance Parity Cost Down

Performance Parity Cost Down

Most customers approach us from one of three perspectives.

  1. It’s common for a customer to have tried to manufacture a motor or mechanism in South-East Asia and fail to achieve consistency in the final mass-produced product. Sometimes this can cause huge collateral damage to previously respected brands. They choose Precision Microdrives as a trusted partner to deliver parts consistently on-time and to-spec
  2. Other customers are developing a new product that needs a cost-effective miniature motor or mechanism, and have no experience in the domain. The learning curve is steep and there is a huge opportunity cost to doing-it-yourself. These customers focus on their value-add, whilst we support them with our value-add
  3. Or New Product Design

    Or New Product Design

    The largest proportion of new customers come with a desire to cost-down an existing motor or mechanism. Almost every day we meet customers paying too much for beautifully engineered but over-designed motors and mechanisms. It’s a waste of resource, but often these situations come from legacy designs, crafted at a time when Precision Microdrives didn’t exist. The customer trigger might be purely a financial one, but is more commonly wrapped up as part of a product redesign or refresh

Whatever your motivation, we can help simplify your problem. Contact us to start a discussion.

The Precision Microdrives Design Process

We work on all projects and with all customers within 10 step framework, which we have found guarantees production success. Stages 1 to 4 cover our design based contribution to customer projects.

1. We confidentially understand your needs

Extensive Application Experience

Extensive Application Experience

Spend 30 minutes with one of our experienced application design engineers, to explain your application. Everything you tell us is kept in strict confidence whether we have a Non Disclosure Agreement in place or not. Our engineers will walk you through a design-for-application process, where we identify the main motor performance parameters to optimise and any specification boundaries.

2. Design for application

Motor and Mechanism High Value Design

Motor and Mechanism High-Value Design

Our standard internal design processes is a simplified form of Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Broadly it splits the design work into three phases. In the ‘design for application’ phase we design a motor or mechanism to meet the requirements identified in step 1. By basing the design on an adapted form-factor or technology already in mass production, we keep development costs and time low, so typically we don’t charge for these. Once we have prepared a draft specification based on a manufacturable design, we send it to you for approval.

3. Design sampling / Initial product validation (performance & reliability)

Samples are Tested Against Performance and Reliability Specifications

Samples are Tested Against Performance and Reliability Specifications

Once the draft specification is approved, we can start work on the next two steps. We produce samples, some of which are sent to you for approval. The remainder are kept for us to analyse in a production validation process. We test the samples against the performance and reliability specifications and confirm the results.

4. Design for manufacture

Design for Manufacture

Designing a Manufacturing Process

Once the samples are approved, our ‘design for manufacture’ team will assess how to make the motor or mechanism as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It’s at this stage that control plans and compliance records are prepared for production.

Our design capabilities feature as a major component of our competitive advantage over other vendors in the market. If your other vendors don’t have a Western standard design capability, then it would be very worthwhile contacting us to learn more about how we can support you.

The Precision Microdrives Design Advantage

Designing Testing Infrastructure Too...

The design benefits of working with us will depend on the capabilities and aims of your organisation. However, our existing customers often express appreciation of the following:

  • we employ sales engineers, not salespeople. Our sales engineers are trained to understand every aspect of your application. This enables them to build accurate design inputs, ease communications, and make the design interaction process more efficient
  • we design motors and mechanisms using as many standard components as we can. We base more complicated elements on our own intellectual property and reference designs. This saves development time and costs
  • we produce custom samples quickly using our in-house pre-production line, and perform extensive performance validation using our custom-built testing infrastructure. Samples you receive are tried and tested with supporting test data. If design variations are necessary, we tell you before making samples
  • we carefully perform an extensive design for manufacture process on all designs. This means production orders are fulfilled more efficiently and consistently

If you want to learn more about the 10 stages that make up our custom motor design and manufacturing service, you can do so via this link. Alternatively, if you want to start your design journey, we’re ready to support.

Did You Know…!

On this page, we covered our unique design process and benefits. As part of our commitment to offering the best industry service to our customers, we also offer:

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