Our 10 step process to delivering high value motor solutions

Our 10 step process to delivering high value motor solutions

Precision Microdrives is a customer-oriented manufacturer of cost-effective and well engineered miniature motors and mechanisms.

Some customers are using our parts to replace more expensive German and Swiss motors, and other customers are building us into their supply chain instead of unreliable suppliers based solely in Asia.

When comparing Precision Microdrives to other suppliers, consider whether other suppliers will support you through the following 10 steps. All of these areas are very important as you progress through your journey from need, to parts delivered to your production line.

We have dedicated the last 15 years to building the infrastructure, training and know-how needed to support and deliver each of these steps to a consistently high standard.

1. We confidentially understand your needs

Our Engineers Are Able to Assist You

Engineers Will Assist Throughout the Design Process

Spend 30 minutes with one of our experienced application design engineers, to explain your application. Everything you tell us is kept in strict confidence whether we have a Non Disclosure Agreement in place or not. Our engineers will walk you through a design-for-application process, where we identify the main motor performance parameters to optimise, as well as any specification limits or boundaries.

2. Design for application

Motor & Mechanism High Value Design

Motor and Mechanism High Value Design

Our standard internal design processes is a simplified form of Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Broadly it splits the design work into three phases. In the ‘design for application’ phase we design a motor or mechanism to meet the requirements identified in step 1. By basing the design on an adapted form-factor or technology already in mass production, we keep development costs and time low, so typically we don’t charge for these. Once we have prepared a draft specification based on a manufacturable design, we send it to you for approval.

3. Design sampling / Initial product validation (performance & reliability)

Samples Are Tested Against Performance And Reliability Specifications

Samples are Tested Against Performance and Reliability Specifications

Once the draft specification is approved, we can start work on the next two steps. We produce samples, some of which are sent to you for approval. The remainder are kept for us to analyse in a production validation process. We test the samples against the performance and reliability specifications and confirm the results.

4. Design for manufacture

Designing for Manufacturing

Designing for Manufacturing

Once the samples are approved, our ‘design for manufacture’ team will assess how to make the motor or mechanism as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It’s at this stage that testing and quality control plans and compliance records are prepared for production.

5. Flexible value-add production

Flexible High Value Motor Manufacturing

Flexible High Value Motor Manufacturing

Once the initial order and production forecast is received, we can start setting up for production. This means manufacturing any jigs and tools required, ordering sub-components, and finalising quality and testing control plans. Depending on the final design, manufacturing scale, capacity and timing, we will manufacture in-house or in one or more of our approved and audited subcontractors. Whichever method, quality standards and conformity are controlled and assured.

6. Quality control and testing

Industry Leading Testing Infrastructure

Industry Leading Testing Infrastructure

We rigidly follow control plans for all manufacturing activities. Naturally there is 100% end of line testing for all motors and mechanisms that we manufacture. We also use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to manage quality conformity, and Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) testing to perform in-depth analysis of every manufacturing batch before release. We perform more quality testing on motors that we produce, than any other motor manufacturer based in Asia.

7. Logistics

Motors are Packed and Shipped Worldwide

Motors are Packed and Shipped Worldwide

We ship worldwide from our logistics hubs in Europe and Asia. Since the motors and mechanisms we make are small and high value, they are suitable candidates for expedited air-freight.

8. Dedicated account management / Forecasting support

 Dedicated Account Managers to Support with Planning

Dedicated Account Managers

Our business is built on trust and long-term relationships. We think you should have a familiar face when it comes to relying on a supplier. Therefore, we give you a dedicated account manager who understands your business, and can help you plan production.

9. After Sales support / Engineering investigations / Root cause analysis

In-house After Sales Support Team

In-house After Sales Support Team

In any design and manufacturing process, there always are unforeseen problems that need resolving. Motors are complex machines, and compatibility with other application demands can sometimes impose unforeseen constraints. We have the best after-sales support of any supplier with manufacturing in Asia, with a genuine commitment to feed Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions (CAPA) straight back into production.

10. Product lifecycle management

Component Suppliers are Regularly Reviewed

Component Suppliers are Regularly Reviewed

One of the challenges in any production is in adapting to changes presented by other partners in the supply chain. Our motor and mechanism designs are based on commonly available form-factors, so we are  rarely dependent on a single component supplier. Where changes become necessary, we will analyse available design options, and control changes within our Engineering Change Notice (ECN) framework.

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