Flexible Motor Manufacturing Capability

Flexible Motor Manufacturing Capability

Precision Microdrives is an ISO 9001:2015 trusted designer and manufacturer of miniature, cost-effective, and well-engineered motors and motor mechanisms.

The Benefits Of Working With Precision Microdrives

Flexible Motor and Mechanism Manufacturing

Flexible Motor and Mechanism Manufacturing

Manufacturing miniature, cost-effective and well-engineered motor mechanisms is challenging. But it’s especially hard when trying to integrate the cost benefits of manufacturing available in South-East Asia. By working with Precision Microdrives, you can:

  • save wasted money and particularly the opportunity cost of your time
  • avoid the stress and frequent South-East Asia on-site visits, required to keep production going smoothly
  • hand-off / outsource difficult assembly jobs to a trusted EMS supplier with domain expertise in miniature motor and mechanism manufacturing
  • enjoy the comfort, confidence and peace of mind that your motor and mechanism manufacturing is done to consistent standards with no nasty surprises

That irrespective of the product complexity or volumes!

With a well-engineered design in hand (see our trusted precision motor design service) we can reliably manufacture miniature motors and mechanisms of any complexity and in flexible quantities.

We have expertise in:

  • manufacturing electromechanical mechanisms, from simple customised motors to complex 100 component mechanisms.
    Precision Motor Manufacturing

    Precision Motor Manufacturing

    We manufacture in-house on our own production line and sub-contract to approved factories with more scale when the project requires it

  • taking design inputs and performing a design for the manufacturing process to make the product more manufacturable
  • preparing the jigs, fixtures, control plans, multi-language working instructions, line testing machines, and operating procedures required to reliably manufacture miniature motor products
  • preparing, operating, monitoring, auditing, and improving motor manufacturing lines to produces 100’s of pieces to 1,000,000’s of pieces.
  • supporting approved manufacturing partners to achieve assembly complexities and quality standards that they have been unable to achieve themselves

We are a trusted EMS supplier with an unusual domain specialism in motors and mechanisms. Reach out to us to see how we can help you.

The Manufacturing Challenge

We Operate Clean and Safe Manufacturing Facilities

We Operate Clean and Safe Manufacturing Facilities

The motor component ecosystem is fragmented, and for those seeking cost-effectiveness, based entirely in South-East Asia. Whilst a lot of motor manufacturing is performed there, the paradox is that most factories (re)produce the same traditional designs - may from the 1960s.

If you visited the area, maybe as part of an audit, you’ll find plenty of examples of:

  1. poorly motivated and poorly educated assembly staff
  2. high ‘worker’ turnover, particularly after Chinese New Year where up to half a factory’s well-trained workers will not return after their trips back home
  3. minimal supporting fixtures and poor/missing work instructions
  4. complete lack of manufacturing flexibility

Note - this is not because factories don’t want to support, to win an order, but because they can’t. They don’t have the necessary skills to design, test, production debug and ultimately manufacture smaller runs of highly customised parts. They have to bring expertise in which is not commonly available in the area and is therefore very expensive. A consequence is:

  1. high minimum order quantities
  2. non-consistent standards of manufacturing, particularly for non-standard/non-practised parts. A process that extends all the way up and down the supply-chain!
  3. the dreaded ‘quality-fade’. This is where the first batches of a product fully meet specifications, but then the standards and specification conformity for subsequent batches declines, as the factory claws-back margin. It’s covered more in our article on dependable quality control and after-sales support

As a result engineering professionals trying to do this themselves often find themselves making many more longer trips than they had planned, back to manufacturing partners. Having done this ourselves in the founding years of our company, we can empathise with how exhausting and wearing this becomes.

It shouldn’t be like this, and it doesn’t need to be. Manufacturing with us is flexible and reliable!

Why Customers Choose Precision Microdrives

Consistently Made On Time & To Spec

Consistently Made On Time & To Spec

Most customers approach us from one of three perspectives.

  1. It’s common for a customer to have tried to manufacture a motor or mechanism in South-East Asia and fail to achieve consistency in the final mass-produced product. Sometimes this can cause huge collateral damage to previously respected brands. They choose Precision Microdrives as a trusted partner to deliver parts consistently on-time and to-spec.
  2. Other customers are developing a new product that needs a cost-effective miniature motor or mechanism, and have no experience in the domain. The learning curve is steep and there is a huge opportunity cost to doing-it-yourself. These customers focus on their value-add, whilst we support them with our value-add.
  3. The largest proportion of new customers come with a desire to cost-down an existing motor or mechanism. Almost every day we meet customers paying too much for beautifully engineered but over-designed motors and mechanisms. It’s a waste of resource, but often these situations come from legacy designs, crafted at a time when Precision Microdrives didn’t exist. The customer trigger might be purely a financial one but is more commonly wrapped up as part of a product redesign or refresh.
    Whatever your motivation, we can help simplify your problem. Contact us to start a discussion.

The Precision Microdrives Flexible Manufacturing Process

We work on all projects and with all customers within 10 step framework, which we have found guarantees production success. Stages 4 to 5 cover our flexible manufacturing contribution to customer projects.

4. Design for manufacture

Designing for Manufacture

Designing for Manufacture

Once the samples are approved, our ‘design for manufacture’ team will assess how to make the motor or mechanism as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It’s at this stage that control plans and compliance records are prepared for production.

5. Flexible value-add production

Flexible High Value Motor Manufacturing

Flexible High-Value Motor Manufacturing

Once the initial order and production forecast is received, we can start setting up for production. This means manufacturing any jigs and tools required, ordering sub-components, and finalising quality and testing control plans. Depending on the final design, manufacturing scale, capacity and timing, we may manufacture in-house or in one or more of our audited partner factories. Whichever method, quality standards and conformity are controlled and assured.

Having the flexibility to manufacture highly specialised mechanisms in-house, and then being located in a position to scale-up that manufacturing is a unique feature of our Electromechanical Manufacturing Solution (EMS) service. It’s one that is of great benefit to many types of customers, and potentially you.

Contact one of our friendly sales engineers to learn more about how we can use our manufacturing infrastructure to support you.

The Precision Microdrives Flexible Manufacturing Advantage

Our manufacturing infrastructure is unique in the industry. No other manufacturer has production facilities in South-East Asia that can design, validate, assemble, and test high complexity value-add mechanisms.

Our In-house Production Line in Hong Kong

The foundation of this is our in-house production line located in Hong Kong’s industrial district, Shatin. It’s 30 minutes from the Hong Kong international airport and 30 minutes from the border into China. A unique piece of manufacturing infrastructure, it offers:

  • a clean, modern, safe, and sell maintained manufacturing line,
  • with local well educated, long-term, Hong Kong resident assembly technicians,
  • very important co-location of the production line with product design engineers and production development teams,
  • the flexibility to be used to manufacture customer end products in smaller volumes,
  • the flexibility to be used to manufacture complex high-value-add mechanisms and assemblies,
  • the flexibility to trial higher volume jigs, control plans, work instructions, and line testing equipment in preparation to be installed in mass production, approved partner manufacturing lines.

Please follow this link, to learn more about our the 10 steps that go into every design/manufacturing project that we work on. Alternatively, if you’re ready to discuss your projects and manufacturing challenges, we can help.

Did You Know…!

On this page, we covered our unique flexible manufacturing capability. As part of our commitment to offering the best industry service to our customers, we also offer:

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