Dependable Quality Control & After-sales Support

Dependable Quality Control & After-sales Support

Precision Microdrives is an ISO 9001:2015 trusted designer and manufacturer of miniature, cost-effective, and well-engineered motors and motor mechanisms.

The Benefits Of Working With Precision Microdrives

On Time & To Spec

On Time & To Spec

Quality is a much-used word in our industry, but very few suppliers have a company culture that genuinely puts quality consistency and on-time delivery at the centre of their business. At Precision Microdrives, it’s our mission statement.

By working with Precision Microdrives as your motor or mechanism EMS supplier you will enjoy:

  • the piece of mind that the parts you order will turn up at your manufacturing location ‘On Time & To Spec’
  • minimal need to intervene and generally get involved beyond supplying the initial design inputs, specifications sign-off, issuing purchase orders, informing us of any logistical changes
  • No last-minute trips to Asia to ‘debug quality’ or ‘rescue incompetent production’
  • as much testing/quality report data as is needed for your record-keeping obligations
  • the ability to focus on the areas of your business where you can add the most value to your customers

If the list looks like something your organisation could benefit from, we’re here to help. Start by making contact and telling one of our experienced sales engineers about your project.

The Quality Challenge

Consistent Quality Requires a Commitment to Detail...

Consistent Quality Requires a Commitment to Detail...

We are all familiar with the problems of ‘made-in-China’, and yet due to the sub-component ecosystem, there are few alternative manufacturing options for those on a budget. The solution, therefore, must be ‘managing the quality’, and whilst simple in principle, it’s a devil to implement.

You don’t need to be particularly experienced in South-East Asian motor and mechanism manufacturing to witness the following:

  • Inconsistent quality standards. Typically these are as a consequence of:
    • Poorly defined general and quality specific specifications,
    • Lack of quality and production documentation processes - meaning that information gets lost between departments, that are often not even co-located!
    • Lack of up-stream sub-component supplier control. This means that what you see isn’t what you get due to the hidden quality standards of the subcomponents.
...and Well Trained Staff...

...and Well Trained Staff...

  • Inconsistent quality procedures. Generally, these seem to be a consequence of:
    • Lax approach to quality planning due to cultural reasons and lack of appropriate training/education.
    • Designs and specifications that have been copied from a competitor, without any understanding of the underlying manufacturing and quality processes and techniques.
  • Lack of domain-specific testing and validation equipment. Often motor testing equipment needs to be designed and manufactured from scratch, which is a specialism all by itself.
  • Quality fade. An infamous problem which is caused by the cost-centric pitching technique favoured by many manufacturers, particularly those in China.
  • Often the initial product quotes are supplied at cost, leaving no margin for the factory. The first few batches are made correctly and the customer builds trust, that the supplier has their factory and quality processes in order.


From a few successful batches onwards, the factory starts to ‘optimise production’ to claw back margin.

Whether introduced deliberately or as a consequence, quality fade sets in, and the factory can produce the product with some profit.

...Who Care About Getting Things Right.

...Who Care About Getting Things Right.

In motors, where the end quality/performance/longevity is not directly obvious from simple visual checks, it’s a real problem. Low margins can, for example, be improved significantly by focusing on the most expensive sub-components. We’ve helped customers combat quality fade which came through deliberate introduction of cheaper and lower grade bearings, copper wire, rare-earth magnets, and precious metal commutators and brushes.

  • Lacking after-sales support. No manufacturers in South-East Asia offer the same level of after-sales support and care as us. Other manufactures struggle with even the most basic after-sales support requests due to:
    • A communications barrier created by universally poor technical English (or other Western languages),
    • A lack of application know-how or customer usage understanding, precipitated by the communications barrier,
    • A lack of technical understanding in the support teams. In China in particular, supporting customers is not a job that technically qualified engineers consider important. In any case, many don’t have the necessary communications skills.
    • A lack of commercial influence of support staff over other manufacturing functions. This is particularly visible in forecast planning / lead-time requests where often the message is deliberately not passed on from the sales staff to other departments within the company.

By working with us, you can avoid all of these problems. Continue-on to learn how...

Why Customers Choose Precision Microdrives

You Can Trust Us to be Consistent

You Can Trust Us to be Consistent

Most customers approach us from one of three perspectives.

  1. It’s common for a customer to have tried to manufacture a motor or mechanism in South-East Asia, and fail to achieve consistency in the final mass-produced product. Sometimes this can cause huge collateral damage to previously respected brands. They choose Precision Microdrives as a trusted partner to deliver parts consistently on-time and to-spec.
  2. Other customers are developing a new product that needs a cost-effective miniature motor or mechanism, and have no experience in the domain. The learning-curve is steep and there is a huge opportunity costs to doing-it-yourself. These customers focus on their value-add, whilst we support them with our value-add.
    Sampling Parts Off-The-Shelf

    Sampling Parts Off-The-Shelf

  3. The largest proportion of new customers come with a desire to cost-down an existing motor or mechanism. Almost every day we meet customers paying too much for beautifully engineered but over-designed motors and mechanisms. It’s a waste of resource, but often these situations come from legacy designs, crafted at a time when Precision Microdrives didn’t exist. The customer trigger might be purely a financial one, but is more commonly wrapped up as part of a product redesign or refresh.

Whatever your motivation, we can help simplify your problem. Contact us to start a discussion.

The Precision Microdrives Dependable Quality Control & After-sales Support

We work on all projects and with all customers within 10 step framework, which we have found creates the best foundation for controlling quality consistency. Stages 6 to 10 cover our flexible manufacturing contribution to customer projects.

6. Quality control and testing

Quality control and testing

Quality control and testing

We rigidly follow control plans for all manufacturing activities. Naturally, there is 100% end of line testing for all motors and mechanisms that we manufacture. We also use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to manage quality conformity and Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) testing to perform in-depth analysis of every manufacturing batch before release.

We perform more quality testing on motors that we produce, than any other motor manufacturer based in Asia.

7. Logistics

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide from our logistics hubs in Europe and Asia. Since the motors and mechanisms we make are small and high value, they are suitable candidates for expedited air-freight.

8. Dedicated account management / Forecasting support

Dedicated account management / Forecasting support

Dedicated account managers

Our business is built on trust and long-term relationships. We think you should have a familiar face when it comes to relying on a supplier. Therefore, we give you a dedicated account manager who understands your business, and can help you plan production.

9. Aftersales support / Engineering investigations / Root cause analysis

Aftersales support / Engineering investigations / Root cause analysis

In-house After Sale Support

In any design and manufacturing process, there always are curveball problems that need resolving. Motors are complex machines, and compatibility with other application demands can sometimes impose unforeseen constraints.

We have the best after sales support of any supplier with manufacturing in Asia, with a genuine commitment to feed CAPA’s straight back into production.

10. Product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management

Product Lifecycle Management

One of the challenges in any production is in adapting to changes presented by other partners in the supply chain. Because our motor and mechanism designs are based on commonly available form-factors, we are rarely dependent on any single upstream supplier.

Even where unforeseen changes are required we will analyse other options or adaptations to the design so accommodate the original or update specifications.

If you’ve been involved in engineering motors or mechanisms, you’ll recognise the value of working with a supplier who is looking out for your mutual best interests. We have the infrastructure, resources, experience and motivation to handle motor manufacturing quality control for you. Contact us to learn more.

The Precision Microdrives Quality Advantage

Our attitude to quality is different to other manufactures with infrastructure in South-East Asia. We a commitment to quality that runs throughout our company. We therefore consider our ability to control quality and particularly the quality consistency of the products that we manufacture to be one of our 4 competitive advantages over other suppliers you might be considering.

As a team, we look out for our customers best interests by:

It's in Both of Our Best Interests To Manufacture With Care

It's in Both of Our Best Interests To Manufacture With Care

  • Knowing which quality specifications our customers need controlled, even if they hadn’t considered to control them. This is a benefit of working with an industry leader, with extensive motor application / implementation experience
  • Having a well developed process to capture and define all the quality specifications needed in the product design phase. Remember that the design shadow can affect quality specifications as much as performance specifications
  • Implementing proper quality planning, training, and processes. We use these to provide a consistent manufacturing service, rather than just auditable paperwork
  • Designing, building and maintaining our own motor and mechanism domain-specific testing equipment.
    Having the physical and IT infrastructure and culture to appreciate and support motor and mechanism manufacturing to consistent quality standards
  • Having trained engineers and account managers available to you, to support any specific after-sales problems or logistics.

Why not use this opportunity to speak to one of our friendly sales engineers who can understand your application and advise you on how we can help

Did You Know…!

By reading this page, you have learned about the Precision Microdrives quality advantage, and how this can help you and your organisation. Why not take this opportunity to learn more about the other areas we stand apart from other suppliers:

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