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DC & Brushless Motor Development, Supply & Manufacturing

Motor Design & Customisations

Precision Microdrives has extensive experience in applying motor & drive techniques to a wide range of problems and markets.

Over the last decade, we have developed a simple process to examine our customers' needs and application to produce a draft specification and performance validated samples in industry beating time.

Our DC Motor Specification Development Process
Precision Microdrives has a unique ability to combine customer needs with application know-how, to quickly develop specifications.

Precision Microdrives has expertise in the following motor technologies:

  • DC motors
  • DC gear motors
  • Brushless (BLDC) motors
  • Stepper motors
  • Vibration motors
  • Linear resonant actuators
  • Haptic feedback
  • Complex mechanical mechanisms
  • Integrated motion control and motor drivers

Our production team are experts in the tooling form-factors available through-out the market of cost-effective motors. This means that we can also offer develop solutions to a tight budget. With this market expertise, we can quickly down-select off-the-shelf parts from an initial specification, adapt, and then progress them through sampling, testing and performance validation.

Customisations can be easily integrated once the performance has been validated. All aspects of the motor can be customised subject to NRE tooling fees and MOQ’s (depending on the customisation).

Typical examples of customisations that PMD performs
Some examples of routine customisations that we perform for customers. 

Motor Manufacturing & Supplier Ecosystem Management

Precision Microdrives utilises a number of different manufacturing and production methods depending on the particulars of the job and customer. The selected method depend on the complexity and volume involved. All manufacturing undertaken is controlled by Precision Microdrives.

Precision Microdrives uses a custom in-house ERP system to seamlessly manage the progression from initial specifications through, sampling, production tooling, pilot production, and mass production.

Our most popular job sizes are 100k ~ 0.25M pcs annual volume, but we often also support smaller volumes as well.

Precision Microdrive steps taking from initial specification through to mass production
The typical steps that a non-stocked (i.e. customer customised) parts progresses as it moves from initial specifications to mass production. 

Motor Testing, Quality Control

Motor testing and quality control is a major competence and speciality at Precision Microdrives. 

Almost all parts produced go through 100% functional testing, 100% visual inspection and ISO 2859 AQL performance testing at the manufacturing plant, our Shenzhen office and Hong Kong motor testing lab respectively.

Motor manufacture quality control testing is a major competence at Precision Microdrives
The quality steps that are undertaken for each standard batch that we produce. Additional quality controls are implemented as required.

We have some of the most extensive selection of motors testing facilities in the world which enable us to extensively test many different different motor types and sizes to the same high standards. We utilise this equipment to offer motor testing services for 3 parties.

Scheduled Delivery to Partner Contract Manufacturers

Precision Microdrives works with both the end customer and the end-customer's contract manufacturer (CM). We typically deliver motor components to the CM, and always liaise with both the end customer and CM to catch any miscommunications that may have occurred between them. This way we be sure that the parts are manufactured and delivered to an agreed schedule.

Precision Microdrives is a valued part of the supply chain for many customers to ensure manufacturing success.