Product Catalogue

Model No. 306-002.001
6mm Vibration Motor - 12mm Type

Customisation Showcase

This is an example of a part that has been customised to a requirement specification. Most of our projects cannont be show as they are confidential.

We offer a wide range of customisations from simple changes to fully bespoke mechanism design. Contact our engineers to discuss your requirement.

Customisation Showcase

This product is an example of how we customise products to meet a specific customer need.

From adding a connector to a full custom assembly or enclusure, we can support a customer's project. Ask us now.

Key Features

Body Diameter 6 mm [+/- 0.1]
Body Length 12.2 mm [+/- 0.2]
Ecc. Weight Radius 2.5 mm [+/- 0.2]
Ecc. Weight Length 4 mm [+/- 0.2]
Shaft Orientation Inline
Connector Type Molex 78172-0002 :: Terminal 78172-0410
Rated Operating Voltage 1.5 V
Rated Vibration Speed 9,000 rpm [+/- 1,800]
Typical Rated Operating Current 70 mA
Typical Norm. Amplitude 1 G