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102mm DC Gearmotor - 89mm Type

Body Diameter Body Length Shaft Orientation Gear Ratio Gearhead Type Rated Operating Voltage Rated Load Rated Load Speed Typical Max. Output Power
102.3 mm 88.6 mm Offset 500.0 :1 Spur 12 V 7,000 mNm 2.5 rpm 2,660 mW

Physical Specification

Parameter Specification Condition
Body Diameter 102.3 mm Max body diameter or max face dimension where non-circular
Body Length 88.6 mm Excl. shafts, leads and terminals
Unit Weight 500 g
No. of Output Shafts 1
Shaft Diameter 8 mm
Shaft Orientation Offset
Shaft Length 23.2 mm Measured from motor body face

Construction Specification

Parameter Specification Condition
Motor Construction Iron Core
Gear Ratio 500.0 :1
Gearhead Type Spur
Commutation Carbon Brush
Rotation Direction CW As viewed from the primary shaft end / or motor top
No. of Poles 5
Bearing Type Sintered Bronze

Operational Specification

Parameter Specification Condition
Rated Operating Voltage 12 V
Rated Load 7,000 mNm Maximum continuous torque
Rated Load Speed 2.5 rpm At rated voltage under fixed torque at rated load
N/L Speed 5 rpm Measured at rated voltage
Max. Start Voltage 1.7 V Certified starting voltage. Measured at no load, where applicable
Max. N/L Current 180 mA At rated voltage. Measured at no load
Max. Operating Voltage 14.4 V
Max. Start Current 1,762 mA At rated voltage
Max. Rated Load Current 820 mA At rated voltage and at rated load
Min. Insulation Resistance 1 MOhm At 50V DC between motor terminal and case

Typical Performance Characteristics

Parameter Specification Condition
Typical Rated Load Power Consumption 8,200 mW At rated voltage and load
Typical N/L Current 146 mA At rated voltage
Typical Peak Efficiency 27.5 %
Typical Start Current 1,762 mA At rated voltage
Typical Peak Eff. Torque 7,090 mNm
Typical Peak Eff. Speed 3 rpm
Typical Peak Eff. Current 667 mA
Typical Peak Eff. Power Out 2,220 mW Power out at rated voltage at the peak efficiency torque point
Typical Max. Output Power 2,660 mW
Typical Terminal Resistance 20 Ohm
Typical Terminal Inductance 4,500 uH

Typical Durability Characteristics

Parameter Specification Condition
Typical Max. Mech. Noise 60 dB(A)

Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Specification Condition
Max. Operating Temp. 60 Deg.C
Min. Operating Temp. -10 Deg.C
Max. Storage & Transportation Temp. 70 Deg.C
Min. Storage & Transportation Temp. -20 Deg.C

Typical Packing Conditions

Parameter Specification Condition
Carton Type Boxed Trays

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