Depreciated and Replacement Parts

Depreciated and Replacement Parts

In the table below you will find a reference for some of our depreciated parts, including those that are no longer maintained stock - but might be available with an MOQ.

As we have a lot of content on our site, over time some of the parts that are referenced are no longer available. However, you can still access the datasheets by clicking the product links (some may take you to the product page where you can download the datasheet).

Please note, we strongly encourage you to contact us when selecting a replacement part to discuss alternatives and longevity. We may have suitable motors that are currently undergoing design and manufacturing that are not yet on the product catalogue.

  • Product Number* - denotes still available in production quantities (typically 1k+)
  • Product Number* - denotes selecting a replacement part is recommended
Original Part (click to download datasheet) Alternatives (click to visit product page) Notes
303-100* 303-103 The 303-103 is similar in terms of size and includes a rubber boot for easy mounting. However, the power leads are replaced with spring terminals and the larger eccentric mass offers a higher vibration amplitude.
304-005* 304-016

304-111 (3V)

As part of the consolidation of our product line, the 304-016 acts as a suitable replacement for the 304-005. The different eccentric masses make the 304-016 1mm shorter in total length (and also changes the output performance) but other physical specifications are identical.
304-011* 304-015 (2.5V)

304-103 (2.7V)

The 304-011 had two eccentric masses at either end of the body, which is a feature that is not available in other products. Please contact us with your requirements. Stocked alternative SMD motors are noted to the left.
304-107* 304-015 (2.5V)


The 305-000 is unique in that the body is partially sunk into the PCB, requiring a cut-away. Suggested replacement SMD motors are therefore not identical. Please contact us with your requirements.
304-109* 304-015(2.5V)


The 304-109 is an old SMD motor that has been terminated, it is advised to seek a replacement part. The 304-103 is the closest equivalent, but please contact us to ensure you have the most appropriate part.
304-118* 304-016 (1.5V)


The 304-118 was the 3V version of the 304-016 above (the 304-111 is the 3V version of the 304-005). With the extra power, the 304-111 can better handle the 3mm eccentric mass (the 304-118 has a 2mm mass).
305-000* 304-015

304-103 (2.7V)

The 305-000 can be available in sufficiently high quantities, the best way to proceed is to contact us with your requirements. Stocked alternative SMD motors are noted to the left.
306-006* 306-009 The 306-009 acts as a direct replacement for the 306-006, offering improved mounting stability through increased pin length on the chassis.
306-106* 306-114 The 306-106 and 306-114 are extremely similar physically, however, the 306-114 is more powerful at 1.15G (vs 0.85G) achieved through a higher rotation speed.
306-108* 306-117 The 306-117 is a more powerful 3V version of the 306-108 (1.5V), offering a much wider range of amplitude but remaining encapsulated in a metal enclosure.
307-100* 307-103 The familiar blue casing was replaced with a Precision Microdrives red case, which benefits from an improved encapsulation process to prevent motor rotation inside the casing and includes an imprint of
307-104* 307-002 (1.5V)


The 307-104 was the base motor that is inside the 307-103 encapsulated vibration motor. The 307-002 is a similar performing 1.5V motor, or the 307-103 can be used. Please contact us if you require the base motor without encapsulation.
310-101* 310-113 The 310-113 comes with 100mm power leads as standard, serving as an identical replacement for the 310-101 (45mm leads). Please note some specifications on the datasheets may differ, the 310-113 is a maintained product whilst the 310-101 may have out of date specifications - please use for reference only.
312-103* 312-101 Although slightly thicker, the 312-101 is largely equivalent to the 312-103. Please note that all 12mm coin motors are being gradually phased out, so for a long-term solution you may wish to consider a strong 10mm coin motor such as the 310-103.





Although not direct replacements, our 34mm vibration motors are our strongest available and reach similar levels of Typical Normalised Amplitude (~120G).
C13-000* C10-000 The C13-000 was a horizontal LRA, all replacement LRAs are vertical (coin form factor). At 205 Hz resonant frequency and 2V RMS, the C10-000 is the closest LRA - but you may wish to consider the full range.
M20-201* M20-200 The M20-201 was the standalone Haptic Shield, some surplus Rev1 items were available between revisions. These are now out of stock and the closest replacement is the full Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit.

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