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Product Guides

Precision Microdrives specialises in the supply, design, and customisation of miniature DC motors. Our unique global structure, with extensive testing and quality control, enables our customers to access high performance parts at a fraction of the cost of Western manufacturers.

For more information on each of our product categories, simply click the appropriate image below. Although haptic feedback actually uses vibration motors, ERMs and LRAs, we have a large amount of information and guidance available - including our Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit (pictured).

Vibration Motors

A photograph of several 10mm vibration motors
Small DC vibration motors make up the majority of our stocked parts, our different ranges are suitable for a huge variety of applications. Sometimes the volume of options available can make design decisions more complicated, so our product guides are designed to introduce each aspect and help navigate the terminology.

From eccentric rotating mass to linear resonant actuator, or coin vibration motors to encapsulated vibration motors, all the main types are covered in these guides. You can also find advice on best practice for PCB vibration motors, guides to brushless vibration motors, and a range of example applications.

Access our DC vibration motor guides here

DC Gearmotors

A photograph of a planetary gearbox beside a spur gearbox
Miniature DC gearmotors are available with planetary and spur gear boxes, offering a wide range of torque and speed ratios to support different applications. Our guides introduce you to our product ranges and explore the different types of gearmotors available.

Precision Microdrives' DC gearmotors are some of our most customisable products. By altering the DC motor or the gearbox we are able to deliver specific performance characteristics upon request. In addition, our expert engineers can provide advice or full designs beyond the motor, including custom mechanisms and drive circuitry. This enables our customers to work with a single supplier for specification, design, prototype manufacturing, ongoing supply, and quality control. This dramatically reduces the complexity and costs, whilst mitigating risk of re-work and last minute design changes.

Access our DC gearmotor guides here

Haptic Feedback

A photograph of the Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit
Haptic feedback uses advanced drive circuitry with highly responsive vibration motors, including linear resonant actuators, to convey complex information to users. In recent history the popularity of smartphones and tablets have helped users become familiar with touchscreen interfaces, which can now be found on a range of white goods and even car dashboards. Now, with the wearables market growing, miniature and power efficient vibration motors for haptic feedback are increasingly demand.

Here you will find our in-depth guide to haptic feedback, including an overview of haptic systems and example applications, along with all the resources for our Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit. The guides are focused on this single application, so you may also wish to access our vibration motor guides above.

Access our haptic feedback guides here